Name: Travis Morgan
Location: Roscoe, Illinois
Age: 31

Born and raised in Rockford IL, I was enlisted in the U.S. Marines from 1996-2000, I am a father or four, husband, poet, philosopher, music artist, graphic and web designer, and truth seeker.

I don’t believe there is a god or gods to believe in or to disbelieve in. It is because, for the most part, just the plain lack of evidence. I know, a lack of evidence doesn’t prove there isn’t a god, but it certainly does not provide a foundation to suggest that there is a god either, especially with the evidence we have for the formation of the universe reflects natural causes. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I started even caring to question the existence of gods. Up until then, I had accepted what my family, friends, and the people around me had told me. They didn’t say, “believe in god.” No, they had just always acted and talked as though they “knew” god existed, as though it were self-evident, and I, like a child that trusts his parents because he does not have the experience to know such things, trusted the confidence of my elders. But then it all changed. When I suddenly acquired a passion for the pursuit of truth. It must have crept up without me realizing it over the years, as I had studied philosophy on my own starting at a very young age. Of course that, and other experiences, I think must have conditioned me, and ultimately determined me towards the pursuit of truth.

That is when it all started, with this passion for pursuing truth, and with it came learning the methods to uncover truths. I understood over time, that what it usually boils down to to come closer to the truth is following the evidence, gathering information, using reason and logic, testing and double testing the results, being aware of and avoiding bias, feelings, ego, logical fallacies, etc… It is with these utensils, that one is guided to come closer to discovering the truth. When re-presented with the god topic, it didn’t take long to realize that the evidence suggested that the god concept is man made, and simply does not exist.

With this realization, the pieces of life suddenly fell so perfectly in place, it all made sense now. No wonder god didn’t answer my prayers as a child, there wasn’t one, I was talking to the ceiling. And yes, I still hold this belief because I started participating in forums, conversations, debates, rhetoric’s of many sorts, I researched the topic thoroughly, and my position has only been reinforced by the results of my investigations. If anything I have been left with an overwhelming abundance of evidence that suggest the god concept was created by man, mostly to fill in the gaps, the unknowns of life, thus providing a temporary comfort to primitive man and his relative ignorance of the universe. Now that those gaps are being filled by the answers provided by improved scientific research, the god concept seems to have evolved into a meme in order to survive the times overwhelming evidence that suggest better alternatives to explain the origins of the universe and life.

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Update! After reading several of stories on thereprobablyis, I decided to create a satrical piece of my own that reflects the common sentiments in many of the stories.

My submission was as follows:

Name: Trevor
Location: Texas
Age: 14-64

Born and raised on his favorite planet earth, I am a child of the almighty Father. God gave me free-will to have faith in him and worship him for eternity and to not be tempted by Satan. My life has been dedicated to worship him.

There probably is a god because that is what my parents, family, and friends, told me. Actually, there MUST be a god so that I can live forever in either heaven or hell, doesn’t matter, as long as I can live forever. I don’t have evidence that god exist, but It is necessary that I believe in him as it comforts my fear of the unknowns in life. God fills in all the blanks and that makes me feel really good! God is love, and my relationship with god and his love is like that of a pen and a hamburger, totally unrelated but it is there nonetheless. There probably is a god because it is self-evident, just look around you, look under a rock and he is there, and sometimes you will find a snail, he created that snail too.

There probably is a god because I exist, as does life, the planet, and the universe. This is his sandbox, and we are his sand castles, individually we are the grains of sand he created to worship his greatness. Wow, I really love god for creating me to worship him, I have nothing better to do with my life. What would I do if he didn’t create me? Some people can not see god because they are too smart, they only follow reason, logic, and their physical brain. They need to open their spirit to god and they too will be blessed with his creative power. This website is a testimony to the fact that there probably is a god. How can all these people be wrong about god? The bible says god is real and I believe that because it tells me to believe it. God created man to write the bible so that other men could read it and know to worship him. Yea, there probably is a god because I have felt his presence and experienced his love. Praise the Lord, the almighty father of heaven and earth.

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