[Photo of a rat snake in a young, live oak tree. They eat birds, bird eggs, tree rats, squirrels. In our own personal bit 'o paradise, do they represent evil? On that note, a ditty I wrote a few years ago . . . . ]

The Snake on God's Payroll

What is Christianity without original sin? Not Christianity, for there would have been no need for Jesus to be crucified to "pay" for that sin.

What is original sin without a snake to tempt Eve into committing it, dragging Adam along? It's a story lacking an antagonist.

What is a snake without a sales pitch to eat a fruit?

A SANE snake, that's what it is. Snakes hate fruit! Only a god could make a fanged, carnivorous reptile put in a good word for fruit.

Even on a purely metaphorical level, there exists the serious question of why a god would do this. If the Christian god is omniscient, he knew Eve would eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He further knew he would then punish her and Adam and all future humankind for this transgression. Isn't this a case of entrapment?

Is the reason the Bible god didn't skip the whole Eve-and-the-serpent charade and just go ahead and eternally punish human beings -- saddling them with "original sin" -- because he wanted Eve to take the blame?

If the test was rigged, how could you hold Eve responsible and consider the Bible god's response justified? If you don't blame Eve, then it seems a god kicked humanity out of the Garden of Eden simply because he wanted to.

Is that what the Bible god wanted?

If a god created everything, this god created the snake. You could say that through the snake it was the creator god who tempted Eve and all of humankind into the supposed humanity-wide fall from grace.

Nice guy, that god. My opinion is that "He" ought to be kicked out the furrows of human culture.

[source: http://360skeptic.com/2010/04/theres-a-snake-in-that-tree/]
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