Writing exercise. Write a paragraph or more answering a single question:

What do you think is the biggest misconception about life?

~ Heh. Religion. Of course. I think religion is corrupt and always has been, a lot of religion was put in place by people in an "established" place of society to basically put forth rules and obligations for the mass public that catered primarily to their way or understanding of what life is all about. It's not a question that religion is man made, it's not even a theory or hypothesis.. it's a fact. It's also fact that over half of the Earth's population follows and believes in a religion that is man made. The other are the non-theists of the world, or the people who believe in man-made gods but somehow do not follow a religion. To believe in a god but not religion, is false logic, because a god comes from a religion. Now, you can believe in a higher power or higher knowledge perhaps... but to have a conception of what a god is and what a god does is all influenced by a religion or ironically a "myth". My problem is that followers of faith do not accept that they do not know. When the only fact of the matter is, is that no one knows. Believing and knowing are two entirely different things. You can say "Well I have -faith- that what I believe in is true", but that will not make it true just because you believe it to be. For instance: I could say that I "have -faith- that vampires exist and I have -faith- that it is true", will you think that my having -faith- that vampires are real is a logical belief? No? Okay, what if I said that I am pregnant without any form of natural conception, I walked outside and a snake began talking to me, I once survived living inside a large fish for three days, I have stood on top of the tallest mountain in the world and I saw the entire earth from where I stood, I have walked on top of water, among other miraculous inhuman occurrences? Logically, your faith obligates you to believe me, right?

Yet somehow, when a person outside of literature that is assumed to be no more of a super human than the "humans" of religion says that they can do un-natural things or that they have physically seen or spoken to a higher power they are believed to be suffering from a psychological disorder or misconception of "real life". I'd call irony here, however I would say that this is just logic slapping you in the face. Obviously if a person is claiming that they are the second coming of Christ they must logically be out of their mind, even though according to Christianity's bible there is supposed to be a second coming of Christ, right? Apparently back in the day people were more susceptible to "resurrection", because even the most devout would not believe in it in today's culture and way of thinking. Yet coincidentally today's culture and way of thinking primarily revolves around the belief that un-natural things have occurred and will again. So why then has nothing so miraculous occurred for thousands of years yet long ago in a seemingly short period of time hundreds of miracles apparently occurred for nearly everyone to see? Or did they? I'm not sold that they did or that the church appointed "prophets" gave any accuracy to life before their knowledge other than what they apparently believed to have happened through persuasion.

Lets not even avoid the fact that there are plenty of logical explanations to why life can occur anywhere without anyone having to put it there. The basic survival -mechanism- for life has one key ingredient: (brace yourself, it's absolutely shocking) H2O. Sure it is not as glorified or held to the degree that a single being or form created it in a week, but without it you wouldn't survive for very long. Not to mention that "miraculously" water has been on earth far before any supreme being ever put anything on it. Hell, even dinosaurs inhabited the earth before man. I wonder who they thought made earth? Imagine: dino-worship. Ridiculous? And how? Cannot be any more ridiculous than worshiping a creator created by your own species. Getting back to the point, has anyone ever wondered then if a god created the millions of other galaxies in the infinite universe? Because if they did, then that would explain why your prayers are never answered outside of what can be logically explained and proven to be coincidence.

Evolution is not something that has been just built up with unorganized "guesses". Evolution is not something that one organization put together through imagination and said "Hey, this sounds about right." Evolution has been compiled through articulate, logical, educated data researched by millions of renown intellects. Forgive me for trusting their judgment and for seeing the sense that is made through studying the concept even at a glance. Without even having knowledge that the concept of evolution exists anyone has the ability to see even through history that evolution is a natural occurrence and forgive me for saying but the belief that things evolve through time is far more acceptable than things are just there. Without evolution man would never gain knowledge through research because they would never possess the ability to evolve. And no they cannot co-exist, I could care less about hearing your theory as to how they do because logically they both contradict one another. They single out one another, so therefore there is either creation or evolution.

So then I suppose this is where interpretation comes into play. Why has the bible needed to be interpretated if it is believed to be truth? Why search for a means to answer questions that contradict the bible if you believe that it is the truth? Logically you can only do one of two things: answer with the literal terms provided from the bible or accept that the contradictions are false, but to interpret the bible so that it appeals to the contradiction is to accept doubt. But then we only take the literal "facts" of the bible that appeal to our conception of logic, isn't that so? Because apparently it is an abomination to eat shrimp in the bible, yet how many of you Christians LOVE shrimp? Shoot, in some cases you're only allowed to eat such every Friday for a certain amount of time. It's also an abomination to be a homosexual. Oh, and by the way, back in the day abomination basically meant: the majority of people do not do this.

Which is ironic, I guess because I saw this Church picketing a gay pride parade once and apparently "God Hates Fags". That's correct, the person who created the "fag" also hates the "fag". Which must be accurate, because I mean they are decent upstanding Evangelical Christians. So I suppose that when the White Supremacist Christians, who believe that the only people who go to heaven are white, hold signs that say "God Hates Blacks" must be right too? Because logically, as Christians, you're not technically allowed to "judge", but apparently you are more than welcome to hate in the name of god. Anyone who doesn't fit your lifestyle or worship the way you do is going to hell, somehow over time devout Christians have morphed into being able to decide the fate of the people that they judge for not being like them even when it's against the rules to do something as natural as judging the people around you.

So then logically, everyone is going to hell. Pre-marital sex? You're going to hell. Drugs? You're going to hell. Alcohol is a drug too, you're going to hell. Hate gays? You're going to hell. Racist? You're going to hell. Superficial? You're doing to hell. Love materialistic items and money? You're going to hell. Proud of your accomplishments? You're going to hell. Eat too much? You're going to hell. Like sex? Oap, sorry... you're going to hell too pervert. Don't believe in god? You're definitely going to hell, too bad you don't believe in Satan either... he'll be disappointed. Think for yourself? Sure fire way to rot in hell.

Now I know that there are believers and non-believers who get upset with me whenever I express my belief on the world, for whatever reason, but here's the deal I am not telling anyone to believe in me or to follow my way of thinking. I think, without having the reassurance that other people will like what I think or accept it. That is the difference. It's a big difference and it is something that irritates me to no end. There are non-believers who feel that my saying these things is similar to people preaching that not only what they seem to have faith in is true but that everyone should believe in it and if they do not they are going to be condemned for doing so. Which, and forgive me for saying so, I find to be utter bullshit. I've never once said to anyone that if they do not believe in the things that I believe that something bad will happen to them, nor would I ever think that is even remotely a logical concept. (Hence the entire sarcastic paragraph directly above this pointing out biblical admittance to a life of eternal damnation.) The only thing that I do believe and wish could happen is that everyone think for themselves and not on the terms of what someone else has already set in place for them to follow and believe in. It would seem that individuality and thinking outside of the box is frowned upon in society yet ironically also encouraged in a rather mundane fashion. If you do not like me simply because I have the beliefs that I do, then in my opinion you're not worth my liking either. I do NOT dislike Christians, the majority of the people that I know and love happen to be Christian. I do however dislike Christians who preach that I should believe in god, that the bible is the only answer to life, who express hatred in the name of god and tell me that if I do not accept a certain religion as a "good enough answer" then I am going to hell. I'm not here to tell anyone what to do or what to believe in... worship whatever the hell you want or don't, just don't tell me that I have to and that if I don't I'll "punished". That's nonsense, get over it.

The end.

P.S. Apparently the only difference between a cult and a religion is the amount of people who believe in it. Once your cult reaches a certain number, it then becomes a religion. Interesting little tid bit.

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Comment by bludecembers on March 24, 2009 at 8:45pm
Aww that's so sweet an flattering. You rock!!
Comment by Robert Matthews on March 24, 2009 at 6:16pm
Dammnnn, That is scary, you just put into words what, probably most of us, think and exactly how I feel. Would you mind if I copy that and keep it to send to some people that need to get this perspective. You really do put it quite to the point. You should send that in to get published.....somewhere. Thanks for reading my mind and telling me what I think,,LMFAO



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