Recently, a United Nations committee adopted a resolution combating the "vilification of religions." Apparently religion has not caused enough strife in the world with continuous wars, mangling of human rights and the sheer inanity of providing redress to anyone that feels insulted on account of their religion. The absurdity of such a law is too ludicrous to grant it genuine consideration.

The idea that anyone could take such a resolution with any seriousness is surreal, but to ignore the injudicious nature of the proposal could be a grave mistake as the expansive breadth of such a law not only assassinates free speech, it makes everyone a potential victim depending on whether or not another person has thin skin when it comes to religion.

Bloody trails run through history where religion rules and that is the focal point for measurement of such a recommendation because of the gross violation of human rights that could and has occurred in religious states; however, in most Western countries freedom of speech is an essential and non-negotiable element of their constitutions. Insults and ridicule are often maddening and infuriating; however, bruised feelings should not qualify for reparation.

All Powerful God

Throughout history blasphemy laws have caused untold strife as various religions have struck in the name of their god; sadly, most theocratic states miss the irony of protecting an all-powerful god. Most religions of the past have tales telling of massive slaughters by an angry god as recompense for belittling its name, doubting its power and even thinking malicious thoughts regarding its rules or dogma. Protecting the ego of an ultra-sensitive god seems unnecessary and a bit insulting; nevertheless, over the centuries mankind deemed it necessary to defend a god capable of destroying cities, leveling mountains and even changing nature itself.

The proposal put before the United Nations is dangerous because of its potential for bloodshed, which considering the source of the resolution and the current state of affairs in those countries provides ample example of trampling of human rights and the disdain for any not following a particular creed. Blasphemy laws should be an insult to an all-powerful entity; meaning that surely such a being could dispatch a lowly human without any help.

"Vilification of religions" is a phrase that should send shivers down the spines of everyone that believes freedom of speech is an inalienable human right that never cedes anything to sensitivity or pretense. When hurt-feelings qualify as a reason for punitive recompense, tyranny is just around the corner. Disagreement over supernaturalism has caused more bloodshed than anything in the recorded history of the world; yet, there are those wishing to rein the freedom of others because they are insulted.

Perhaps, those pushing so desperately to hinder the rights of others should consider the words of Blaise Pascal when said, "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction."

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