Here’s a few things I’ve noticed about theists that make me dislike them. I use the term “believers” instead of theist because this is more about followers of organized religion rather than, say, a deist or spiritualist. I realize that I’m attacking a straw man theist of my own creation, but it is one based on the behavior and attitudes of real believers from hundreds of religious debates I’ve watched on youtube. Also, in the interest of fairness, I plan to right a similar list about what I don’t like about us Atheists, for no one is immune to the judgmental curmudgeon that is me.

Why I Don't Like Believers...

1. Arrogance.

Believers think that beings with awesome super powers built the whole world, universe and everything in it just for them, and if that wasn't good enough there's also a glorious eternal paradise for them after they die.

Believers claim knowledge, with 100% certainty, of things they have either never studied or have no way to knowing about in the first place.

Believers think that a supreme being that is perfection itself loves them personally.

Believers think they are the only people capable of living good, honest lives.

Believers think that only they can be truly happy, and that atheism is a result of some great sadness or confusion.

When believers achieve something, no matter how trivial, they know it’s because God is on their side. Because beings of ultimate wisdom and power really care if you win an Oscar or came first in a race.

2. Hypocrisy.

After claiming the world was made for them and that they know all the facts, believers go on to say that it's non-believers and scientists who are the arrogant ones.

Believers will attribute something to God, and God alone, then call you close minded for saying it could be attributed to anything else.

Believers will say they hold the monopoly on morality in the face of overwhelming unethical behavior by fellow believers, in the name of their belief, as they were instructed to their holy books.

According to believers, science is getting everything right in terms of medicine, computers and smart phones, the internet, 3D movies and CGI, space travel, sat-nav, laws of physics, nuclear energy, chemical plants, electricity in every home, clean water and essentially everything awesome about modern life, but when it comes to evolution? What the fuck does science know!?

A believer will threaten you with eternal torture for disagreeing with him, and then complain that atheists are too aggressive.

Even with charity status, tax free businesses and real estate, their own separate school systems, huge political influence, complete domination over thousands of years of human history and the fact that they constitute the vast majority of all people ever, believers still say that they’re the victims. This brings me to…

3. Victim Mentality.

Believers can dish it out, but they sure as hell can’t take it. To quote Billy Connolly on religion, “It’s over lads! You’ve had a couple of hundred years; you fucked it, it’s over! Take you’re Reformation, you’re Mecca, you’re Vatican, and fuck off!” This may be the first time in a very long time indeed that entertainers can say things like this without being killed or imprisoned, yet believers will say it is they who are under attack for having to put up with jokes like this. But Connolly is right, believers have had hundreds of years of dominance over the lives and minds of humanity, and now that other ideologies are finally getting a fair swing, religion falls short, and it can’t take it. Like a school bully who cries to teacher when somebody stands up to him.

Not only are believers incapable of handling scrutiny maturely, they can’t handle being ignored either. The spotlight has to be on them or they will sniff out something to be offended by. For example, for as long as I can remember the term “the Holidays” was interchangeable “Christmas time.” It never had anything to do with theism vs. atheism, it was just one of many ways of describing that season. But all of a sudden, according to believers, saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” is just an example of how Atheists want to steal Christmas. This argument has nothing to do with preserving Christian identity and everything to do with indoctrinating Christmas loving kids into hating Atheists. Besides, didn’t the Christians steal Christmas from the Pagans first?

4. Intrusiveness.

Believers are directly affected by your private sex life.

Believers are very concerned with how your children are being raised.

Believers think religious law should govern the non-religious.

Believers know what films you should and shouldn't watch, what books you should and shouldn't read, and what jokes you should and shouldn't find funny.

Believers see no issue in walking up to strangers in the street or going door to door, asking personal questions and shoving their own dogma down people's throats.

Believers have no problem with their faith being taught as history/science in actual history/science classes. (but of course the idea teaching of evolution in church seems ridiculous).

5. Faith.

Believers take faith (the act of believing something without proof) and lump on actual virtues like trust, hope and compassion. This is simple masturbation. All faith really is, is dishonesty to yourself.

A rapist with faith can be saved while an atheist charity worker is going to hell.

Believers think that just because they need faith to accept their own extraordinary beliefs, everyone does. This is where the "Atheists have faith too," argument comes from.

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Comment by Stuart M Rees on September 5, 2012 at 6:49pm

Exactly. These are just trends I've noticed among many different kinds of people who are theist.

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