I corrected the age group selection on my profile to reflect reality, but it made me think twice about my mental age. It may have been more accurate originally. Still, having both my age and age group separate is redundant. I definitely did not intend to make people think I was still a teenager.

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Comment by Spriggig on November 2, 2008 at 12:01pm
This is a bit odd but it's an image I've carried with me about age for many years. When I was a teenager, I was skimming through an anatomy book and came across an image of an old man (cadaver) whose facial skin had been half-removed to reveal the muscles underneath. The muscle structure showed the face shape of a twenty year old and the wrinkled, old skin showed the years the man had lived. That image helped me understand in a profound way that old people were young once just like me (at the time) and that I would be old someday. I also realized from that image that physical age and mental age are completely separate. Although, mental acuity may diminish with failing health, while the mind is still intact it can have all the thoughts it ever had, independent of age.



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