I don't know the ngenral opinion on the ground zero "mosque" here because I haven't been as active as I should be but I know at least 1 (thunderfoo at youtube) atheist has used the argument.

This is not Saudi Arabia this is America! The A in USA doesn't mean Arabia, it means America!
What am I talking about? Among the pathetic arguments against the "mosque" (its a cultural center you ignoramuses) the bigoted idiots spout out is "they don't allow churches in Saudi Arabia". So what? This is America! We don't base our laws or take away people rights because of what some other country is doing. If you care so much why are we buying oil from Saudi Arabia? How much American money has went to terrorist groups, money that was spent on gas for your giant SUV's? And what makes you think Saudi Arabia in any way shape or form represents Islam and Muslims as a whole? Islam is not a single monolithic religion. Even within the two largest versions of Islam there are divisions. The fact that you morons can't spend five minutes looking up anything on Islam says allot about you and all of it bad. "But the quran says" the bible says the same shit and no one here thinks all Christians are the same!

If your going to reply don't say "your defending Islam", "why don't you say something against slam" I have said plenty of things against Islam but I talk about your religion more because you are the biggest threat to this country, the liberties and freedom we have in this country!

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Comment by Scott M on September 2, 2010 at 11:42am
I fully support the right for this group to build their community center (with mosque taking the top 2 floors fwiw).

However, it goes without saying that seeing as this has seriously offended a good number of people in this country due to its proximity to GZ, and combined with the group's utter refusal to accept the aid of the governor of NY to find a less controversial spot, that they are being douchebags about it.

The golden rule, "treat others as you would like to be treated", is how I am looking at this and they are showing no regard for the feelings of everyone else. Now of course they don't have to follow the golden rule, they don't have to care about the feelings of others. They own the property and have the proper zoning authorizations. They are completely within their rights to do it and I stand fast in support of those rights.

I do, however, think they are being douchebags about it.



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