Imagine.. well don't! if mccain palin got in and mccain died?
the US would be so far gone and at civil war w/itself we'd all be taking up arms.. it's that simple.
this whole blog is like one big arm.. the site. the ning... etc..
enemy of the palin types.. the whatever types that have religion/hate/bigotry and lame ass corporate greed shit on their plates.. damn shame.

take that one to your pastor. tell em' I sent this... rabbi, head of whatever post 9/11 trendy bs.. influences.
$$$$$$$$$$top lying.

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Comment by Brady on September 11, 2011 at 9:03am

If McCain would have died in the first year of presidency Palin would have been President and Nancy Pelosi would have become the VP. Also, the Democrats had a super majority in congress at that time. She would have been a sitting duck. So, your exaggerated claim that the United States would be in a civil war is just hype. Be a little bit more skeptical of politics like you have been with religion, you will see that your claims are based on liberal hype and fear mongering.

Politics is a fundamental set of beliefs just like religion. All tactics used on religion is used in politics. You can buy into one side and treat the others like they are wrong, but that makes you no better than religious people. In reality, our political system is corrupt. All politicians listen to corporations, unions, foreign governments, media, and lobbyists before their constituents.

Do yourself a favor, be skeptical of politics and study political history with the same effort you put into finding the truth about religion.



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