I'm going to try and make this quick. This may be a little scatterbrained, but any helpful suggestions/information would be really appreciated.

Okay, so I'm a licensed massage therapist. I like doing massage, but in an attempt to not get burnt out, I only do it a few times a week and try to have some unrelated job that can help me pay the bills. Right now, I'm working at a chiropractor's office one day a week and I just lost my other job. So basically, I'm very reliant on this place currently.

Here is the crux of my problem (and this has been unfolding for a while). First off, I don't ethically agree with the business practices that I've seen in the chiropractic industry (calling crash victims, calling and arranging meetings for the patients with trial lawyers in the office, sending a photographer to crash scenes to take pictures). None of this sets well with me. It just seems like such shifty business. Secondly, from the time that I started at this place, almost everyday the Christian radio station plays over the speakers. Also, and this is less of a deal to me, there is a page of an old bible, framed with a huge cross and some passages at the bottom hanging on one of the walls.

Okay, so thus far, this stuff pisses me off, but it's not really my business and if I don't want to work there, then find somewhere else to work, right? I agree. This final bit is what is really gnawing at me.

On two occasions for sure (and I've seen the magazine in more hands than that, though I originally thought someone brought it with them), I know that the chiropractor has handed issues of "Creation" magazine out to patients, one of which was a 19 year old whom he also asked whether or not he
attended church.

This sucks. I know a lot of people don't like chiropractors and other "quacks" anyway, but as someone who practices within the crazy world of "alternative medicine", it's hard for me to write off the whole profession. But fuck if this guy isn't making it really hard for me to have anything positive to say. I don't think that chiropractors should be called doctors, but I do think that there are people who get better at our clinic, whether the "doctor" has anything to do with it, or whether it's the massages and all of the stretching/exercising with the trainer, I don't know.

I know that if I brought this up, they would find a way to let me go. I only contract in (I'm not technically an employee), so I don't think that it would be that hard or even need the justification that it would if I did work there. They go to church with lots of the people that come in there and try to convince even more to start going, I think.

This is really a side note, but some co-workers and I went to lunch with the doctor and his wife, and she had the audacity to ask all of us how we were going to vote (right before the last election).

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Comment by Mark Ellison on January 20, 2009 at 3:50am
A Bible page framed???? Think of the great material this will make for stories in the future.
Comment by Jude Johnson on January 19, 2009 at 5:36pm
Wow -- and they often accuse US of being arrogant and self-righteous. They simply assume that everyone is religious, or should be, and that's just the accepted position of most people I meet.

If a doctor of mine questioned me about going to church, I would leave. You have a point that they have a right to hang whatever they want on their walls and I'd say they even have the right to hand out whatever literature they want (even ignorant creationist drivel) -- but the fact that it's so unequal is what's not right. -What if he were handing out copies of The God Delusion? Isn't it more logical just to keep religion and politics out of the office altogether? (Since it has nothing to do with chiropractic work.)

They even asked you for whom you were voting?! That's simply impolite -- but not at all surprising giving the other information...

For my two cents: I recommend staying there (if you can stand it) and keeping your opinions to yourself. -It's not like your comments are finally going to make this person see Reason. You've got to support yourself and if you limit yourself to atheist employers, it might be slim pickins. --I realize this employer is going way beyond the call of duty, but you can always come to AN when you need a dose of sanity! I'd probably look for another position but would keep taking this guy's money until you find something.

I wish you well in whatever you do!



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