With all the abuses that have happened in this country it is time for a full blown revolution. This long train of abuse has been carried out by not only the United States government but also with the help of corporate America as well. The very fact that it is state law that dictates you need auto insurance to drive a vehicle on roads that are paid for with tax dollars from people with no insurance is one example.

Why should state law be dictating this? People whom have cars do not need state and federal laws to make sure they have insurance. If you drive a Jaguar you are going to get insurance in case something happens. If you drive an 89 Honda that is worth $300 it makes no fucking sense. If an accident happens it will be totaled out. The repairs would be worth more than the car. As with house insurance most rational people will buy it anyway, but it should be deemed mandatory by federal law.

Seat belt laws or requirement thereof are completely unconstitutional. First off seat belt laws DO NOT STOP accidents from happening. Not wearing a seat belt does not endanger the mass public. It is the individuals life but you do not have say over it. Just like soon enough a man will not have say over his own sperm, and we know a woman has no say over her own eggs. So, ehh. This will not lead to parents not buckling up their children, a rational parent law or not will do this anyway. This is just another government intrusion that is masked for the common good that tramples private life, in a private vehicle. When government helps me pay for it every month then I will be for seat belts being apart of the law.

Talking on the phone now there is a more than good chance you are being bugged. Or when you send email, or read this article. The FDA knows what is safe for my body? This from the same people who approve drugs one year and then five years later, we find out all the side effects the did not tell us in those 30 sec commercials and do not forget the fine fine print at the bottom.

The Supreme Court has no balls anymore. Supposed to be the last bastion of hope for the US Constitution. Who would have ever thought they would turn their backs on the one document they have to read. It is not a complicated job. Nine people read the Constitution and then decide of laws passed go against it. Honestly, it is not that hard. Anyone with a strict view of it can be done in one hour. If a loose view okay two hours tops but no more.

Congress. "One useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, three is a Congress"--J. Adams President US. Well ladies and gentleman we have 535 of these morons. And yes it is on both sides. Republicans have no brains when it comes to running a country and not realizing supply-side economics is too much of a gamble. And the Democrats have no balls no fight and vigor to say what is necessary. I do get into the war in Iraq because I believe if it were a Democrat in there on 9/11 they too would have wanted to send a firm response. By firm I mean military, without question. On 9/18 it was not like the American people did not want their pound of flesh either. Get that straight.

If you are going to roll three separate branches of government into one you have to be EFFICIENT. That is after all the entire point. But that has not happened. If everyone were to make $13.00 an hour, and had homes each worth around $250,000, had all of their medical needs paid through their taxes, there were mandatory vacations, and religion was actually private this country may actually begin to look like America. But you also have to curve the rate of inflation for the purchasing power of that 13 per hour doing any damn thing in the homes of the people. American money trouble really started back in 1984.

When Reagan first took office in 1984 he promised to work for a balanced budget. However, Congress refused to make deeper cuts into domestic spending fearing they would be out of a job next election. Reagan was stuck in the cold war logic. Under him annual military spending went up 8.3%. Everything from the MX missile program, and the Strategic Defense Initiative or "STAR WARS". This created the most unbalance federal budget in US history. From 1983-1985 the federal deficit. Or the government spending more than it takes in was almost $200billion. Reagan refused to support tax increases. To understand his flawed thinking you have to go back to the 1980's. The annual rate of inflation when he walked in the door was in double-digits. It was more than 11% in 1981. He had convinced Congress to cut $35billion in social aid. Things like welfare, Medicare, food stamps, college-student loans, mass transit (ATCs remember), disability benefits, and school lunch programs. He believed that private organizations should be doing this instead of the government. He believed in supply side economics which is basically giving tax cuts to the rich. Nothing wrong with that, but you are banking on these people taking that money and investing starting new business with it. You know what happened? They said fuck that and kept it in their bank accounts and lived off of the interest. Would not you? Why take a chance on a business when you can leave it in your nice FDIC insured bank account.

Also with this cuts in corporate taxes would stir up business because they would in theory have more money to expand, give out more jobs, produce more goods, etc. Thusly increasing the supply of good rather than the demand. That works well if the people can afford the goods that are being over produced. And when that happens you get a loss. So those goods you then sell to those who will buy them. See where I am going with this? China and out sourcing,yippie-skippie. So now they have the cash to buy the goods while people have no money in America to afford them, so the business leave and the economy gets worse and the people become more and more broke. And to all those countries getting those outsourced jobs form us, enjoy it while it lasts. Because eventually corporations will find someone cheaper than you to do the same job. Its just passing the buck.

Now inflation did stop because of government spending cuts and high interest rates. But this kicked business recession into high gear. Factories closed, business went broke, farm mortgages closed faster. By 1982 more than 12 million Americans were out of a job. That means about 10% of the people were out of a damn job. Double digit inflation had been ended at the cost of double digit unemployment. Isn't that nice of him? Common sense tells you the more people that work the more taxes they generate that can be used for government spending projects. The less people work the less the funds.

So far so good? By 1983 the Federal Reserve that joke agency drop interest rates making it easier for people and business to borrow money. Inflation was down. Cost of living was stable. 25% cut across the board tax cut in personal income when into the pockets of the people. So with that money people did what they normally do, they spent it on cars, furniture, clothing. Companies rehired workers ,more than 2 million unemployed went back to work. But go to 1984 like I said earlier military spending went up 8.3% the deficit was $200billion.

All of this turned the US into a debtor nation by 1985. To close the gap of money coming in (income taxes) and money going out (military spending, beyond normal military spending). Your US government had to borrow money. Shitloads of it by selling government bonds. The national debt owed doubled in 4 years from 1981 around $980billion, to 1.68 trillion by 1985. Most of the money loaned to us was from foreign investors at high interest rates so they would buy them from us. Not going to buy $50million of US debt if cant make a nice return profit. We had been out of debt since 1914. Countries did want to lend us money, we had good credit and because those interest rates were so high. But the US Treasury accepts only dollars, US dollars.

So they bought our dollars with their currencies for our bonds. Because so many wanted in on those interest rates of ours the price of the dollar compared to foreign currency was high. Between 1980-1984 the value of the dollar increased by 60%. A (strong dollar) sounds good, but if overvalued it can lead to huge problems. Doing this makes American exports (what we sell) from soybeans to wheat more expensive to buy. It makes the Canadian or Japanese versions of these same products cheaper and more cost effective. It costs actual jobs to make up for this lack of buying of our US goods and services.

Reagan did create 16million new jobs, the monetary policy was stable. Inflation went from 13% to 4% in two years. His cutting of taxes and increased spending in defense did lead to increased short term deficits. On the same hand the cost of giving out those high interest payments on the debt beat out domestic spending. West Germany, Japan, Europe, and Asia had huge trade surpluses thanks to the US. Those surpluses in turn generated large government t and private savings that were invested in treasury bills, stocks, and real estate. Regan believe in the magic of the markets, which is unstable. As long as there as no runaway US inflation to ruin the dollar this works out fine. And it is the same thing that is happening now with Bush II. And he was a history major and he is repeating the mistakes of the man in office before his dad, that should tell you he was not a damn history major.

But under Reagan the damn budget kept being unbalanced from 1982-1988 the average deficit was $180billion. The national debt by 1988 had risen to over $2.6trillion dollars representing money the US borrowed and promised to repay in good faith. Just like with credit cards the damn interest is killing the US Treasury, it adds up to tens of billions of dollars each year. The income of the top 1% rise from 9.2% to 12.5%.

Under President George Bush I, 37 million Americans had no health coverage in 1989. And another separate 53 million were underinsured. That is 90 million Americans with little or no coverage. In 1989. Half of these people were living in poverty according to government data. Six million people had family incomes under $5,000 a year and 12.5 million had incomes less than $10,000 a year. The 1987 poverty line was $11,612. The cost of providing healthcare at that time would have cost $24-27 billion dollars in 1987 dollars of course. And remember the deficit from 1982-1988 averaged out around $180 billion per year. You are talking slightly more than 10% of this would have gotten these people healthcare. Tisk Tisk.

Manufacturing jobs were out-sourced or exported to the Far East. More than 3 million jobs were lost had been the first time since 1979 losing that many jobs in one sector. US manufacturing employment went from 23.4% March 1979 to 16.6% in March 1993. And these were the high paying manufacturing jobs, not working at McDonalds. Many of the middle class leftover from this went into lower paying jobs, part-time employment, and under employment. Most lost all or part of their pensions. Those without college education found work in menial jobs. The standard of living decreased. Weaker benefits. Less spending money. More latchkey kids. The incomes of Americans without college degrees were 16% lower by the election of 1992 than they were in 1970. By mid 1992 unemployment was the highest since 1984. The Census Bureau reported 14.2% were living in poverty. From the start of Reagan's presidency to the end of George Bush I, the federal deficit grew from $40billion a year to $340 billion. That is an 850% increase folks.

Clinton was the next one to step into the picture. He wanted for government reform, higher taxes on the rich, cuts in defense, and to cut the federal budget deficit in half over 4 years. Clinton asked for an increase in energy tax like gasoline. And wanted to cut spending in defense and agriculture as well. Clintons economic policy was based in large part in his idea that the economic future of the US depened on what the government bought as opposed to how much it borrowed. He did not believe in spending money on unnecessary military bases he felt it undermined the growth of the US economy.

The new budget that was approved by him and Congress increased taxes on the rich from 31% to 36%, with a 10% surcharge on those earning more than $250,000 in a year so their taxes went to 39.6%. Who the hell wants to give up 40% of their paycheck to the government? No one. So you have to understand how easy it is for the rich to get pissed off. The taxable portion of social security benefits of those earning more than $44,000 rose from 50% to 85%. EITC was raised for the poor. Under Clinton was also got NAFTA.

In 1993 it was approved by Congress and Bill Clinton. It was to allow the better flow of capital,labor,and products of Canada, the US, and Mexico. Canada and the US already had a trade back going back since 1989. It was believed this plan would help Mexico. I remember this like it was yesterday, and you remember what a lousy day yesterday was. This was beyond wrong and unethical. Once again country in a sling because people cannot do the fucking math.

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Comment by It's just Matt on April 30, 2009 at 1:47pm
Technocracy FTW!!!!!
Comment by Joey on April 30, 2009 at 1:37pm
RE: The insurance thing. You know there's a difference between comprehensive and liability, right?
It makes sense for the guy with the $300 car to have insurance because if he happens to ram the jaguar he has to pay for it.
The reason it became mandatory to have liability insurance was because people were destroying other people's cars without being able to pay for them.
Comprehensive isn't required unless you financed the car, in which case the company you financed the car through are the ones making you keep it...and you agreed to that when you took out the loan.

RE: Seat belts: Agreed. There already were laws in place to make parents buckle their kids in. The reason seat belt laws were put into place were to get around that whole pesky "search and siezure" part of the constitution. Now they can pull over that funny looking guy and dismantle his car without probable cause.

"Who the hell wants to give up 40% of their paycheck to the government? No one."
Believe me, I pity the poor pissed off rich people. Nevermind they use a far greater amount of the infrastructure than everyone else. They shouldn't have to pay for it! Taxes are theft!
I hate to tell you this, but "Rich people are better than you!" isn't exactly a good slogan for a revolution. Besides, Fox News already uses it.
Comment by Dre Smith on April 30, 2009 at 1:11pm
And the current system has worked out for everyone so fantastically.
Comment by Dre Smith on April 29, 2009 at 2:50pm
I think it is rather obvious that America in its current state will not be able to sustain itself, especially this gross system of capitalism we have that has broken the country. Socialism is the coming economic and social evolution this country long should have become back in the 60's it's simply up to us now to continue that work and finish that process that has long since been delayed. We've carried capitalism as far as it can go, time for something else.
Comment by Clarence Dember on April 29, 2009 at 8:11am
Ready for revolution? Who's blood this time, yours?
Do you suppose the beneficiaries of the Federal Reserve Trust want their piggy bank raided? What the hell does any of this narrative you've spun have to do with synthesis? Oh, because it's your blog we'll lie down and let you misrepresent the problem and the solution?
You want to hold your representatives feet to the fire? That's fine with me but my relatives helped build what Wall Street has been stealing all these years. If your retrospective on the state of the state was less glib and more fact you may have thought to site the repeal of the Glass Steigal act as a factor in this crash we're experiencing.
As long as your bull baiting us with your revolution rant, how about correcting the error about George W. Bush's education, An MBA from Harvard. Dick Cheney was a Political Science Major.
Divestiture from weights and measures along with departure from real money to fiat money along with living up to every market expansion by expanding the borrowing of the U.S.A. beyond any quotient of accounts receivable is the reason domestic value storage in dollars is slipping away.
Did you think that math and not ethics was in question here?
I'd take an attorney president over an MBA any day of the week because if the Lawyer commits malfeasance the remedy is to disbar them. Therefore they are better stewards of the public trust.
Comment by Leslee Love on April 28, 2009 at 7:46pm
I'm all for a revolution!! Something like 'V for Vendetta' Let's do it!!



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