TN gubernatorial candidates' stances on evolution

A new website sponsored by the Tennessee Newspaper Network makes easy work of comparing the current gubernatorial candidates' positions on various issues. Each candidate presents a different opinion on the subject which is a welcome departure from the typical party-lines talking points that tend to dominate discussion.

Sadly, the debate between evolution and intelligent design is often marred with misinformation. With that in mind, I would like to clear a few misconceptions up first thing. Evolution attempts to describe the diversity of life on our planet and determine common ancestry among related species today. Evolution is not concerned with the beginning or inception of life. That is the subject of abiogenesis. Also, evolution is a scientific theory, meaning that it can change based on the current knowledge base. Since this knowledge base continues to expand with new findings, it should come as no surprise that the theory is often refined as new discoveries are made. The theory of intelligent design is not based in science, but rather religious writings. Since the claims on which the theory rests are not verifiable by experimentation, they cannot be considered science.


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