To be or not to be?......a god parent!

So there I was in a sort of day dream, “how did I end up here” the little voice in the back of my mind was saying. My wife was sat on about the fifth row back with an amused smile, a smile that only two people that share the same bed and know each other intimately could. Yes, we both got the joke, but unfortunately the joke was fully on me!! It was my own fault, I hadn’t really thought it through had I. Well I would have plenty of time to regret this bizarre event in the future. It was such a small word, harmless really, but it can cause so many problems……..that little word ‘yes’!

Let me put some flesh on the bones so you can follow this story. I had received a telephone call from one of my best friends with a request. The request seemed so unoffending and how could one refuse? Would I be a god parent?…..even writing this now I find myself having mixed emotions and laughing at myself, but also annoyed….mainly for giving in and going along with the flow. I was younger then, this was some time ago, before my non-belief had fully materialised into the no-nonsense carbon-fibred exoskeleton suit of atheism I now wear at all times.

Some events in your life you remember so clearly, every nuance….how you felt, the exact words as if your neural connections have been burnt never to let you forget and forget I have not. They say that ‘experience is the best teacher’ and they are so right! Yes it was a test and I had failed, but only at the first hurdle, I have since got back up to continue the struggle! It is only with hindsight that you have the chance to learn! What I learnt was how to deal with the same situation should it arise in the future… I am now prepared!


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Comment by The Doubter on November 24, 2011 at 6:31pm

Sentient - Like that, the fact you managed to be part of the naming ceremony :)......sorry to hear that international laws are getting in the way of other things though.......yep non-believers should still be able provide a useful purpose/positive role model without being excluded from a childs many ways we are the salt to the pepper of religion!! :) 



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