On the train back home, I met a nun. She is an old lady about 70 years old, she carried several luggages, so i opened the door for her, and we sit together naturally.

Even as an atheist, i am alwalys very interested in the culture, religion ,and so on, but I know that I will always be antheist. I have seen nuns on TV, but i had never met a real one in my life. So I tried to talk with her. She is a really nice lady, she told me that she lives in a small village near my city. She was born in Hildesheim, where  there is a big cloister, with about 130 nuns. the cloister at small village is a branch of  the cloister, the sisters are paid by it. She takes care of the sick and  to help people was the incentive for her to become a nun. 

We had a nice talk, in spite of that I told her that I am an atheist. From this experiences, I believe that  it is not important to be an antheist or religious.Important is, people have respect for each other.

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