right now...i am listening to Pandora.com a radio site, its free, has great music listings...i love it!! right now i am bloggin cause i am bored. hmm well..i tried to go to online college, and i guess i have to try more colleges because this certain one wanted my mother's Social Secruity Number, and i was like...no i cant do that to my mom, its her personal information, and they are like, well we have to do that because of blah blah blah...and i was asking them if they could take something else of MINE other than my moms. they said i was a dependant student...or showing up as that, and they needed her information, so i was like no!!...so um yeah im trying other online schools. The reason why i would like to go back to an online school is because i would like to become a Secretary, and most Secretarys have Bachelors Degrees...i am great at spelling most things, and my typing is very fast..but still i need a degree in order to become and do what i want to do!! :D yay!! sucks cause such stuff as college is expensive...thats why im trying to get grants...i need grants!! yay!! My dream one day is to have a full-time job in an Office, and live on my own in town, in an apartment...WOULD BE SOO AWESOME!! i already have a car, i just need money and gas and a JOB yay!!

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