So I got distracted, life literally happened.

-Friend who attempted suicide back in life, and has gone full fundie. As in mercy ministries fundy.


-another friend died, his girlfriend insists it was suicide...but things just look to weird to say one thing or the other.


-family estrangement. stepgrandfather refuses to have anything to do with me because of my interracial relationship. Grandmother and mother,on my birthday, proceed to tell me how much of an awful person I am. Still thinking I need to move to the moon.


-boyfriend's dad's cancer is back. He is refusing treatment.


-Spent both thanksgiving and Christmas with boyfriend's family. Very interesting. But fun.


-Informed by my mother that my relationship with current boyfriend is sinful because of what we do behind closed doors. I inform her while I respect her opinion, I did not invite her into my bedroom for a tussle.


-Informed I have 8 classes until I graduate with a B.S. in Psychology.


-Boyfriend asked me to move in with him.


-Currently looking into counselors who work with people who were spiritually abused. Also looking for a new school(for master's program). Reading on GRE(ack!).


Just really hoping I can keep up!

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