Transhumanism is not related with any religion category as polytheist, monotheist, or non-theist. Religion is not the problem of metahumanism.


The religion is the problem of the human being category.


Metahumanism (whether as transhumanism or posthumanism) is meta-human the same as in the other conceptual areas.


Metahumanism category do not have to be busy of human beings’ problems. It is human beings’ problem.


Human beings will prevent atheism of metahumanism, as they have prohibited the immortality via the cloning with the decisions of UN and the Pope.


Human kind / species ended on 1945 with the 2 atomic bombs (Hiroshima and Nagazaki). And it became a new kind / species on 1957 with Sputnik.


These are concrete situations. The evolution is too.


Religion and/or anything similar abtsract problems can not have a projection on this meta-evolution way.


Which atheism?


Absolutely, antithesis of the Crusades of Christianity and of the Cihad of Islam.


Which transhumanism?


Absolutely, a transhumanism which is the antithesis of neo-liberalism and techno-liberalism of neo-globalism as a dominant ideology of G-7 countries.


There is no place for transhumanism, posthumanism, and metahumanism on the planet Earth.


The world has not been  the home-planet for transhumanism, is not, and will not be.


The Universe belongs to transhumanists, the World belongs to the human beings.


Atheism belongs to transhumanists, all theisms belong to all human beings.


Only one thing to do is to leave totally the world system as a whole of 5.000 years. Otherwise, all metahumanisms will be assimilated by humanism.


This is not a belief. This is an information.

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