Trump Macho Infection

Trump rises to power by tapping into the reptilian brain of humans. He is a con-man who recognizes a patsy when he sees one.

Trump pretends to be masculine in ways that remind me of Benito al when I was a child. Both behave with attitudes of entitlement, arrogance, selfishness, egocentricity, overbearing, pompous, and cruel. They believe in Social Darwinism with the survival of the fittest their highest value. 

There seems to be no compassion in Trump except for his generosity to his family. He claims, “It’s a tough world.” “Only the strong survive.” His appears to believe humans get their guidance from nature, cruel in tooth and claw, not reaching to a higher plane of compassion and care. 

Isn’t it sad that people such as Trump tell others to, “Man up?” He fails to reach that higher aspect of being part of a much larger dimension than wild animals. He doesn’t seem to have a moral and ethical core of a contemplative human. 

Trump makes no pretenses when it comes to politics, he buys politicians and does not deny it. It is, "the cost of doing business." 

He entered into marriage agreements that he failed to honor. He confesses his first two marriages broke down because of his philandering. Apparently, his wives enter into marriage arrangements with him thinking they share the same definition of marriage. Just as people claim, “Boys will be boys!” and “Men will be men!”, either one allows the boy to grow into a child and skip adulthood altogether.

Trump perceives women as pigs, slobs, and he makes statements trivializing their feminine functions. He knows his supporters, both men and women, think, “Guys are like that. Get used to it.” There is not even an attempt to honor the male and female aspects of human beings. 

Hillary Clinton personifies against which Donald Trump reacts. She appears to be the organized, disciplined, and the responsible one who works to solve problems. Hillary comes to the debates well prepared. Yes, she has enough flaws to give an opponent fuel to challenge her, and I am the first not to want Hillary as our first woman president.   

The feminist movement has radically altered U.S. consciousness. Feminism elevated and developed the natural strength and virtue of the feminine. Motherhood, fertility, creativity, and fecundity become richer and more interesting with women having the legal right to contraception and abortion. Even with these two freedoms, the famine principle needs to keep kids safe and secure. With that as a foundation upon which women build their lives, they brought about an increase in traffic regulation, social changes, i.e. Mothers Against Drunk Driving, car safety, insurance and an abandonment of taking unnecessary risks. 

Feminist train their children to take responsibility for their actions and hold them accountable for choices made that harm others, property, or themselves. There is no reason to allow boys to run amuck and say, “Boys will be boys!” Being responsible about their sexuality becomes a developmental task for both girls and boys. 

Wives and husbands have the option to take marriage vows, or both agree not to enter into a marriage contract they are not willing to honor. 

Mothers and fathers assume the responsibility for the lives they create and see them through to adulthood, whether they agree to monogamous marriage or not. 

Let’s grow up and face the fact that females like sex as much as males. Blaming one for exciting the other means each holds the other accountable rather than taking responsibility for one’s feelings and action. 

Both men and women need to feel competent and confident in what each does with his or her life. Each needs to define oneself as an individual and not lose boundaries to the other. Men and women have no reason to live according to gender stereotypes. 

Living in community means each defines what community means individually and explores ways each compliments the other or finds no reason to be together. Marriage does not solve that dilemma, only skills of communication, negotiation and compromise that each enters as equal participants can accomplish that developmental task. 

Feminism means the organized Mother who makes sure you wash your hands before touching foods, that you get plenty of sleep, do your homework and chores. These are the qualities that make living in social society healthy, pleasant, and satisfying.  A feminist teaches her brood to think before they speak, speak clearly, precisely and honestly, listens for feelings as well as for meanings, and makes certain their kids know how to compromise, negotiate, and stand up for what they think is right. 

I think it is most interesting that when a family is in deep dispute, it very often is because one member or each member does not know effective and efficient life-skills. Violence seems to be the default position when there is conflict. 

Feminism is about moving beyond sex-role stereotypes into mentally healthy, mature, adult attitudes and behaviors. Individuals and society benefits. 

The Donald Trumps of the world who fight against such social changes fight against their best interests. Those people who support him want to remain dysfunctional, immature, and childish. Being counter-dependent is as dependent as a dependent person. 

Joan Denoo

September 28, 2016

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Comment by Michael Penn on September 30, 2016 at 6:45am

He looks just like Musclemanlini and that horse's ass. He must be practicing his poses from real history and even taking in the animal kingdom.

Comment by Loren Miller on September 29, 2016 at 11:44am

Hell, I thought Drumpf was doing his best Il Duce impersonation at the RNC this past July.  Can't say I'm surprised not to be the only one to think so!

Comment by Joan Denoo on September 29, 2016 at 10:41am

Thomas, there is a similarity here!



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