When it comes to the sexes a lot of information falls between the A and the Z. Some of it is useless, some of it is interesting and some of it can be life changing if you are open to its recognition. My remarks aim at women and men seeking relationships that will last, go the distance.

To find that type of romance and commitment comes from the man or woman you choose.Many already have an idea of that picture perfect man or women in their heads and that is just fine with a few modifications. The career paths, tastes tests and social skills met the appropriate approval levels, but the romance with this great person did not work out. Why?

People truly hope for their relationships to work out and they "try" to reach Nivana with every encounter. Once they become frustrated with that strategy they move on to "trying their best" as the ultimate deal maker in making a commitment. Sadly, both of these ideas are setups for an unending circle of failures because they have no "skin in the game."

One of the first excuses from both parties is that the other was not willing to try. Trying is always a good first step, but it depends on how far the relationship extends. Trying to do better is only an option but for an instant if recycled it will revisit with the same results: trying harder. Men, women, trying is not good enough when it comes to relationships.

Neither is doing your best nearly sufficient when it comes to a long-term committed relationship because often your best is just not good enough. When it comes to relationships, commitment, friendship and camaraderie only the willingness to give whatever it requires to right a situation is acceptable. A man or woman unwilling to consider giving their all is unworthy of sharing such commitment from their friends, comrades, lovers and associates, but many would be surprised how many would do it for them.

Men and women on the dating scene are attracted to each other by a variety of items and many of them count for little in relationship building, but character always counts. Many fail at winning the prize, but in giving their all to achieve it their integrity remains intact, as does the trust of those who depend upon them to do the right thing.

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Comment by Donald R Barbera on June 28, 2013 at 9:05am

Sentient--I crawled, stumbled. marched and nearly given up, but I never stopped until there was nothing I could do. Never.

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