So I had so many thoughts rush through my head. And thankfully, my ever grounded boyfriend was there to help me sort through the mess.

It all began with a rant on politics. I don't want to push religion(not religious) or demand everyone wear red and black. I just want rational and functional goverment.

Boyfriend's idea: When you are old enough, run for Senate.

I looked at him like he was nuts. But I won't say I'm NOT thinking of it...But I do believe they would chew me up, spit me out and plant crack on me..

My other rant: I want to do a non-religious book series for kids but I dunno....

His idea: How about you do that, but make one for religious kids also? Yes, I know you are not religious, but you were a fundie for 20 years and could spin a yarn(and make a coin) quicker than you can bat your eyelashes.

Me: Isn't that...oh I dunno...lying? I'm not really Christian anymore. I mean, yeah it's tripe for other believers..but wouldn't that be wrong?

Him: Nah. If they want to be that delusioned, let them be.

I still don't know. I mean YES I know alot on Christianity because I was raised by a minister(my mom), went through a few minister classes myself(still not ordained though), and came from a family of pastors....but would using that for "evil" be immoral?

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