Tune in and hear the difference - AMERICAN HEATHEN on ShockNet Radio!

Has listening to corporate talk-radio shills mouthing the same tired talking points over and over got you down? Are you seeking a TRUE alternative to overpaid, pampered, the-next-original-thought-they-have-will-be-their-first blowhards? If so, log on to ShockNet Radio at 8 ET/5 PT TONIGHT for American Heathen - a three-hour program of logic, reason, news, analysis, commentary, comedy and discussion that looks at the issues from a SANE, Atheist and Libertarian viewpoint. It's NOT your run-of-the-mill talk-radio show - and it NEVER will be!:http://www.americanheathen.net/

WARNING: The topics discussed, and language used, on American Heathen are NOT for the faint of heart or the easily offended. I personally do NOT necessarily agree with all opinions expressed on the show, but I DO support the show's main goals: FREEDOM and LIBERTY FOR ALL!

Don't be afraid. Don't fear listening to another POV. Log on and join RJ Evans, David 2, Dr. Chuck (2Buck Chuck) Doswell, Amie Quinn and Al Stefanelli - along with special segments from John Mill (This Week in Freethought History), Reap Paden (Reap's Rants) and Ken Humphreys (Astounding Rubbish) for The Most Dangerous Show on the Net! There will also be TWO discussion segments tonight - "Trivialities" and "Spinning Out of Control" - for the hosts (and YOU) to participate in! Not many shows even have ONE topic, so take part and voice your opinions!

How do you listen in? Easy - log on to ShockNet Radio (http://www.shocknetradio.com/) or Freethought Radio (http://www.freethoughtradio.com/) or tune in via the FREE Apple iTunes player under Radio and Classic Rock. And how do you take part in the discussions (or let your views be known)? Also easy - either call in TOLL-FREE at (866) 400-6684 at any point in the show (no call screeners are used) to chat with the hosts OR log on to the show's chat room by clicking on Chat, typing in any screen name you wish, choosing AmericanHeathen from the drop-down menu and click on Chat to join a growing group of people who discuss everything in the news and the issues raised during the program.

Want more American Heathen? Log on to the AH page here at the Nexus for more information on the show for updates and links to commentaries; visit the American Heathen blog at http://theamericanheathen.com/ to view transcripts of commentaries made by show regulars and other issues during the week; visit the American Heathen YouTube channel athttp://www.youtube.com/user/americanheathen1?feature=results_main to view video commentaries by RJ; and get more information at the American Heathen Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/AngriestAtheist

No other show can say what American Heathen says: It's the show that promotes and protects LIBERTY and FREEDOM FOR ALL!

Live It. Love It.


Tune in tonight and listen to the difference - you may never go back to corporate talk radio again!

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