When it comes to morals it seems that Christians never get above the belt-buckle unless it is to peer behind a brassiere. Genes for sexual obsession passed down from the Catholic Church evidently have not mutated over the centuries as Christian leaders remain overly concerned with who's doing who, how they are doing it and if there are any naked people or pictures anywhere near.

To be sure there is a need for watchdog organizations and laws keeping dangerous sexual predators, perverts and traffickers out of civilized society, but that is a job for civil authorities, not antediluvian religious opinionizers attempting to transport the US back to the Dark Ages. There is no Lasik’s Surgery for this type of tunnel-vision, nor is there any escape from the ubiquitous voices ignorance embraced by so many in this country.

While the Religious Right hunts snipe and the answer to who is in Grant's tomb, people die on American streets everyday of starvation, hundreds of thousands of human beings died and are dying in unsanctioned wars, capital punishment continues despite its ineffectiveness as a crime deterrent and torture is an on-going concern. The unimportance of other's lives is demonstrated in national polls by the PEW Research Center and Gallup among others, showing that majorities of Christians support all of these life-taking actions, with the exception of starvation although they are in favor of ending social programs that could help.

For large portions of those Christians espousing family values and pro-life stances when it comes to abortion, the listing of killing activities negates any true concern for human life, but their blindness to killing breathing people is just a floater in their moral tunnel-vision. Morals go far past killing and sex; lying and cheating are major reasons for the American financial meltdown of 2008, yet those responsible for the fiasco still walk around free while millions of Americans lose their homes, which they can't pay for because they have no jobs. Empathy and sympathy, two sides of the same coin are metal slugs of which the Religious Right seems unaware.

Racism and sexism slid off the radar screen for fundamentalist and evangelical Christians with their first reading of the Bible which not only sanctions slavery, but delineates how it should be conducted. Even in Braille, the unsighted could see that women in the Bible barely make it to the status of doormats. For a thinking Christian, the blatant mistreatment outlined in the Bible should cause serious cognitive dissonance when matched against today's world except for the opaqueness of Golgotha lenses.

The list of moral imperatives could easily fill this page with subjects like honesty, integrity, character, concern, cheating, plagiarizing, stealing, rape, taking advantage, lying by omission, pettiness, gossip, negativism, unwarranted destruction, unfairness, hate, love, meanness and much more. Yet, of all the things the Religious Right could be concerned with the number one item on the list is—sex related.

Sex is important to human procreation, loving relationships as well as understanding ourselves, but to the fundamentalist Christian, it is a dirty necessity not fit for day light. Over the centuries, Christianity singled-handedly made trafficking in prostitutes, pornography, strip shows and other adult entertainment profitable, thus the failure to kill it when they keep resurrecting the beast, dressing it in the clothes of vice, thus making it even more attractive.

Fortunately, 2011 is not 1500 and thanks to education people are no longer bewildered by everything that happens, which for Christianity has become a problem as an educated populace is no longer completely gullible to appeals from a 2,000 year-old book. For Christianity the result of failure to adapt to the world is now beginning to turn people away.

The Bible has been a perennial best seller for ages and many try to follow its sometimes contradictory guidelines, but people have started to reach the point where they ask themselves if they would want their mechanic, lawyer or surgeon following directions from a 2,000-year-old book?

Don B

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Comment by Donald R Barbera on August 29, 2011 at 5:53pm
Thanks Steph--I do try to think about them--Don B
Comment by Donald R Barbera on August 29, 2011 at 3:57pm
United Undere One--Go ahead--thanks for stopping past--Don
Comment by United Under One on August 29, 2011 at 12:29pm
Don B - Do you give me permission to repost this blog on my website and give credit to yourself?  If so, please let me know what credentials you'd like me to include (name and website)?  The website is unitedunderone.com.



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