Not that anyone really cares that much, but i have decided its time to go to the cheapest clothing store around, get some checkered pants, some suspenders to help hold them up to my chest, a nice golfers cap, and i'm going to start walking even slower than i already do around town.

A small side note on things that i'm proud of at the age of 30:

1. i have been straight edge for 13 years, for those of you who don't know, it is complete abstinence from any substances that can cause intoxication, or harm to ones own body. i do not care if others do these things around me, but i myself will not partake. I feel that James Randi and i are in the same boat when it comes to that fact. No drugs, No alcohol, no smoking, no regrets. I love my life.

2. I have been Veg for 11 years now. I must admit that when i got into the "movement," i was a bit young and naive about my beliefs on the subject, but now that i've matured, my respect for all life has matured with it. I'm no activist that thinks that animals are more important than humans, so nothing nutty like that, but once again, i respect all life, and even though our evolutionary past might have called for an omnivorous diet, i believe that in the particular society that i live in today (thankfully), that we have the luxury of holding higher ethical standards, and i exercise that higher standard as best i can.

3. My knowledge about science, philosophy, religion, and the world has advanced. I try to always keep sharp and skeptical of all claims going on at all times. I left my faith at a late age for some (23), but i feel i grew leaps and bounds in those first 3 years as a questioning believer, to an agnostic, to atheism, and finally to my current stance of atheism towards world religions, agnostic to how our universe came about (while i feel its highly unlikely that there is some supreme being governing laws, i nor anyone else, can really say for certain).

All in all, i am happy with the journey, even though i'm not happy about leaving my 20s, bah humbug.

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Comment by nowimnothing on May 14, 2009 at 7:32pm
Thanks, it seems you are approaching intoxication from a control aspect and I can understand that. As to psychological benefits I was speaking to both aspects you mentioned, though probably more to the latter. As a skeptic the closest thing to a religious experience I have ever had has been while under lsd or shrooms. If you have ever witnessed someone speaking in tongues or some other type of religious trance, you may think that they are faking, but there is some psychological background there. Some drugs just let you skip the 'true belief' and the sweat lodge or fasting aspect and get right to the experience. Beyond giving me a first hand lesson in psychology, especially that of people with chemical imbalances I think they really broadened my understanding and confidence in myself. Being able to let go of control over your own mind and body is a frightening but ultimately liberating experience. That need for control is something I would normally associate with people who do not feel they have a lot of control in the first place. Often the religious who have given up individual control to their deity.
I hope you had fun at your party, so I will leave it with that. I really did not want to challenge your decisions on your b-day. Like I said I just have a bit of an issue with my probably distorted view of straight edge culture and you answered my questions in a very honest way, thanks.
Comment by unholyroller on May 13, 2009 at 8:34pm
You kids need to stop your whining. On July 7, I'll be twice yiour age. And I'm far from dead.
Life is good no matter what your age.
Comment by RogAgainst on May 12, 2009 at 4:49pm
also to nowimnothing, thanks for the bday wishes.

i also noticed that my last comment is wicked scatter brained. I was responding to you at the same time i was trying to get all these people together to go to a dinner party, and i re-read my response and realized it wasn't as cohesive as it was sounding in my head, my apologies. you will be pleased to know that i've got 3 belligerent drunk friends that i requested to be drunk before my party even started so that there was sure to be a good time, and i've also requested that the majority of those drinkers pound back a few for me.
Comment by RogAgainst on May 12, 2009 at 3:43pm
to nowimnothing, i guess to answer you the best would be the live and let live type of mentality. Sure things like medical marijuana help alleviate pain by the intoxication, and so why would i draw a distinction between the other drugs that could possibly be intoxicating but not harmful. For others around me, as i have said, its their choice and i'm fine with that, for me, i don't really see any reason to partake in most of those drugs to the point of intoxication. Not to keep pulling at Randi's coat tail, but he quoted something in another video, that i actually don't know the link to right off the top of my head, but he stated that he always wanted to feel connected, and always using his best judgement at all times, and to shun anything intoxicating was his way of doing that. I pretty much feel the same way as he does. i just happen to say that i'm straight edge, and i can possibly chalk it up to a few reasons. First off, i grew up in the hardcore/punk scene, and i felt that the kids that were being "rebellious" were actually doing the "norm." I chose to abstain because it wasn't that appealing to me, and that was at age 17, at age 30 i still have no appeal to try or do any of those things. Granted, i did start drinking, trying a few recreational drugs at an early age, and quit at an early age, but i feel like i've already gotten my frame of reference for SOME, but definitely not ALL drugs.

Secondly, i almost claim it as kind of an homage for "saving" me from some shitty situations that i had come very close to getting myself into, and therefore still carry the label. unfortunately, a lot of baggage comes with it, because honestly, you don't really hear me talking about it that often, i just felt a need to recognize me sobriety birthday along with my biological birthday.

I feel like i might have gotten a touch off base, but what exactly would you be getting at with "what if intoxication itself could benefit you psychologically more than any possible harm?"
Would you be speaking of people that take things such as anti-depressants, or would you be speaking of things like doing "shrooms," where i've heard that people come out of that experience with a totally different outlook on life?
Comment by Justin Pearson Smith on May 12, 2009 at 2:54pm
Just turned 30 myself on May 1st. So far it doesn't really feel any different.
Comment by nowimnothing on May 12, 2009 at 2:51pm
ps happy b-day, not a big difference between 20's and 30' just more dr. appts.
Comment by nowimnothing on May 12, 2009 at 2:49pm
sorry to rain on your birthday, like I said I have had a few VERY negative run-ins with militant straight-edgers. Obviously most are not like that and have more of a live and let live attitude. I tried to be clear that I don't have a problem with your personal choice in the first post, guess I was not too successful, sorry about that. I did have some questions about the underlying rationality to the straight edge mentality. I think you answered partially. It seems drugs can be ok if the benefit outweighs the harm, vis a vis your stance on medical marijuana and other 'regular' drugs. The real issue then seems to be one of recreational use/intoxication. Of course intoxication can come from many of those regular drugs being used to treat various conditions, so it seems you would have to be ok with some intoxication if the benefit outweighed the harm. Now stick with me here. What if the intoxication itself could benefit you psychologically more than any possible harm it could do to your body? Again I am not attacking you, just asking from one honest skeptic to another. You surely understand that there are many things people do without a rational explanation, straight edge has always seemed to me to be one of those things, but I may be wrong, I am just seeking some clarification. The fact that you are a skeptic and a subscriber to that philosophy kind of surprised me so I was curious as to the thought process.
Comment by RogAgainst on May 12, 2009 at 1:50pm
p.s. to nowimnothing, you're totally harshing my sweet birthday vibe. I am going to have to stick you in the ranks of my mom, who called to tell me i was closer to death at 30, and then proceeded to tell me about this modern day "prophet," who is preaching the vague prophecy of the "perfect storm" that is coming in the form of economic, govt, political, geological, and religious storms...ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

I made the mistake of opening my mouth to tell her how vague prophecies are and that i could do the same thing, i then wasted an hours worth of minutes on my cell phone arguing with my fundamentalist bueno

then my roommate came home crying because her job is ripping her off...welcome to my 30s!

Christ on a Crutch it better get better today.
Comment by RogAgainst on May 12, 2009 at 1:36pm
thanks schlarg...i'm already picking out which rascal scooter i wanna block the aisles with in grocery stores, and some nice suspenders to keep my pants up to my chest
Comment by RogAgainst on May 12, 2009 at 1:36pm
haha, thanks zee, i'll file that one away under "i told you so"



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