HELLO EVERYONE! I just wanted to let you all know about my newest Scifi/Love book now available. I write, self publish and self promote these Wonderful & HOT Scifi/Love books.

In Tomorrow’s World #1 You are introduced into the new human society via a man from the 20th Century who is awakened from a high tech hibernation experiment. In TW1 you get to experience Hot Passionate Lovemaking and a Beautiful world with its Beautiful customs. It’s Exciting & very, Very Hot!
In TW2 Desert Trek, You get to accompany the Beautiful Genetically Engineered humans of the future as they embark on a Desert Trek to a newly robotically built city, HS5. (Human Society #5). In this edition, You will experience Desert Battles & Space Battles! Along with Action & Super hot! Hot!! HOT!!! Passionate Lovemaking! How many humans will survive the Desert Trek?

Here’s a few excerpts to enjoy:
I directed that the convoy be placed on auto drive so that the colonists could take a good look at HS1 in the rear windows and on the view screen. They did. Female watched with sad eyes and a tear or two as did the others, as HS1 shrank, shrank, shrank to a small spot on the horizon. Then they all gasped and me too when suddenly it winked out of sight, lost in the distance. “Ok everybody,” I addressed the colonists via the interphone comm. “Now we must look forward to our adventure and our future. …
Female and I took our turn at the driver seat and it was really fun to operate this type of vehicle. There were some similarities to the Automobiles that used to exist in the 20th Century as well as similarities to Aircraft controls and the
controls of a Tank. My favorite control factor was when Female took hold of my cock and worked her magic. …
Female and I retired to our bunk in the rear of the Command Vehicle. All compartments have an overhead view port and as we lay back on our bunk and turned out the lights, we gasped as we saw the multitude of beautiful bright stars that glittered and shimmered in the night sky. I saw this sight before when I was away from the bright lights of a city back in the 20th Century. I Like a night sky of stars! …
On the com link I said, “Vehicle Captains, let’s all do an EVA and check our vehicles. Better take an Engineer with you.”
“Female2 will you accompany me?” I asked. “Male3 please operate the airlock,” I said. Female2 and I got suited up as Male3 stood ready at the airlock controls. … Female gave me a quick blow & carefully fitted my cock cover in place and snapped it. “Please be careful Male,” she said in her sweet voice. “I’ll take good care of Male1,” said Female2. “Hey, I want you concentrating on our vehicle, not me,” I said kindly. “We need to look for any damage that may give us problems in the future. Can I count on you Female2?” “Yes Male1, you can count on me,” she said. I gave a final order to Female, “Check our humans for any injuries and check with the other vehicles for any injuries as well.” “I’m on it Male,” she said sweetly. Comfortable in our suits we headed through the airlock for our EVA damage assessment. …
The surface was somewhat sandy with a definite red color to the soil. Also not a single plant or tree was in view. Truly like an Alien world.
Back a good distance I could see the edge of the rock field next to the sandy plain. “Hey I know it’s a dumb question, but
tell me again why we don’t have some oxygen tanks on these suits?” I asked. “Because these helmets filter out all harmful chemical and biological elements that are present in the atmosphere, we are breathing filtered air from the outside,” said Female2. …
Off to the right saw the gentle slope of the side of a small Mesa. It didn’t look like a really steep grade but the summit was pretty far up. I called on the com link, “Male3, send an RDV up that slope to take a look.” “Yes Male1,” was the calm reply. Right away an RDV moved off up the slope. …
Relaxing the human way was what everybody had on their minds. As we waited for the RDV to crest the hill and make some observations; we all made love. … The wonderful sounds of humans making love filled our vehicles and eased our tense nerves. We released our fears through loving sex. Loving sex is the best medicine ever! Truly!... The sky to the southwest was black with an approaching storm. There looked to be enough room up on top of that small Mesa so I ordered all vehicles to get up there on the double. It was also getting toward evening. …
Then we hit a snag. Vehicle #15 stalled and refused to function at the base of the hill. … “What’s happening with your vehicle?” “There’s just no power Male1,” was the response from the driver. … “Check out your vehicle again inside and out,” I said. “I’ll get back to you.” “Female, what is Vehicle 15 carrying as far as supplies?”… In the observation bubble I watched as Vehicle14 moved off down the hill with the vehicle captain & an engineer only. Meanwhile the other vehicles were pulling into position and getting ready for the storm. …

The humans moved with swift efficiency. Forming a line they moved all cases of supplies over to 14 in short order. …Then the humans began to move over to 14. I was happy to see that the males ushered the females over first. Very gallant of them I thought. … 14 detached the docking module and began to move slowly up the hill. I said on the com link, “Good work 15 crew, nicely done. Vehicle14 Captain,” “Yes Male1?” “Get those humans up here safe and quick as you can…”
I checked with Female about the readiness of our little fleet. “All vehicles are now hard docked and tied down Male,” she said in her lovely sweet voice. “Excellent!” I said. I addressed the entire convoy via the com link. “Everybody relax, find a fuck buddy and hold each other tight, the storm is sure to be swift and the thunder loud. But it’s only the movement of the air and the natural cleansing method of the planet. There is nothing to fear…”
“I’m going out there!” “NO Male, we can’t risk it, we need you, Alive!” Female shouted above the roar of the wind. I took a second look over at 14 from the observation bubble & I saw the hatch opening up. “Their coming out!” I said. I got on the com link and said to 12 & 13 which were nearest, “Get ready to recover fellow humans from Vehicle14, they’re coming your way!” …
Off to our right… appeared the ruins of a good sized city. …the city of Phoenix in the old state of Arizona, but it could have been. As Vin told me, we haven’t really the time or supplies this trip to do exploring, so I had the site marked on the map… The city was vast and it really was in a sorry state. Plus there was ZERO plant life seen. It took some time to get by it so we all had a good look at it. These lovely humans
were fascinated by this panoramic ruin. Me, I was somewhat saddened by this sorry looking relic of my era. Female noticed my sadness and comforted me with extra affection till we had gone by the place. …
You can’t imagine something like this till you actually see it with your own eyes. I had heard stories and saw old black and white pictures of the death camps of WW2. But nothing could prepare us for the real thing… The galvanized fencing that surrounded FEMA camp 36 was pretty much intact. … I read the main inscription on the sign by the front gate. ‘Federal Emergency Management Agency Camp 36, U.S. Government Property, Unauthorized Personnel Keep Out.’…
I powered up the laser cannon on Vehicle1 and melted the lock on the front gate in short order. “Ok everyone,” I said over the com mic. “While we go in for a look about I want everyone to relax but keep an eye on us in case we get into any trouble. … We suited up, as we had been comfortably naked all day. Female looked so incredibly sexy in her nice white protective suit. Skin tight, it clung to her delicious body. …we stepped into the airlock, cycled it and stepped out… We saw others of our party stepping out from their vehicles in the convoy. An RDV came over and stood ready. …
Male19, one of our accompanying Engineers called out, “Hey I found something!” He had found a locked and sealed door that led underground somewhere. “Well, have at it.” I said. He brought up his laser cutting tool and quickly melted the lock. … “There may be some intact records down here,” I said. … The corridor went in two directions a long, long, long ways. “Perhaps this corridor runs the length of the camp,” said Female. “Maybe,” I said. “But let’s stay together,” I told everyone. There weren’t any objections. Our lights were all there was in this dark underground. … We came upon a room
marked CAMP RECORDS. “Bingo!” I said. The door was locked as well. “Male19 do your thing, … We looked all over the records room for about 45 minutes. Our engineers came up with some computer discs that looked interesting. … The Biologists looked at medical records… “Male19, can we extract information from these old computer discs?” “Sure Male1, we can adapt them to run on our systems.” “Good, get anything that looks interesting, then let’s get out of here.” I added, “This place is Creepy.”…
“Male1,” called Female15, one of our Biologists. “Come and look at this!” I looked at the papers she was holding and she was beginning to shake. I held her tight and began to read: The papers contained final numbers and stats about; [Extermination of Undesirables]! The final count at the bottom of the page, dated 2012 read, 12,340,566 Undesirables Exterminated at FEMA Camp 36!...
We boarded the RDV and headed back to our convoy of colonists. Female talked to me lovingly and confidently as we rode back to the convoy. “Male, look at our convoy vehicles, they are filled with happy humans. Humans that mean to build a happy future. You must concentrate on that. Leave the ashes of the past and let the dead rest and concentrate on helping us to build a bright and happy future! Can you do it Male?” “Yes! Yes I Can! I am an Amer-I-Can, the last of my kind. For their memory and for You, I’ll help build that bright future that you dream of…!”

Wow! Plus there is Tons more! Space battles & Desert battles! And also Hot! Hot!! Passionate Lovemaking! As the humans cross the desert of planet earth!
Please Google My book titles: Tomorrow’s World #1 & TW2 Desert Trek by Steve Nelson. You can find my site with all the details at the SPEED OF LIGHT!!! (Please Enjoy)

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Comment by Little Name Atheist on January 17, 2010 at 4:50pm
If I hear of anything, I'll definitely pass on the info. to you.
Comment by Steve Nelson on January 17, 2010 at 4:47pm
Thank You Grundgetta, Everyone here at this site has been Friendly! It's nice to find a site where folks are friendly. I like it! Steve Nelson
PS Any suggestions on FREE sites that I could advertze on? Thanks again, Steve Nelson
Comment by Little Name Atheist on January 17, 2010 at 4:41pm
Definitely the way to go, Steve! Hope all goes well with sales of your book.



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