So, I'm currently taking a course exclusively on "The Twilight Zone" and how it pertains to American culture. For those of you who don't know, TZ ran from 1959-1964, an era that was a stones throw from the height of McCarthyism. Anything considered liberal was vis a vis under the umbrella of communism. This was not a good time to be a free-thinker of any sort. Yes, this covers the Kennedy era, but this was a time in which being a catholic president was considered a progressive step forward.


Anyway, TZ has quite a bit of political and social commentary in the subtext, for those who were not aware. It is far from an atheistic show, as it pertains heavily to the supernatural and often deals with concepts of karma and the afterlife, but it is an interesting program to watch from an atheist POV.


Personally, I have often used TZ in arguments and debates with religious people. In particular, "A Nice Place to Visit" is a cool one to bring up. This episode deals with a classic concept of heaven, in which someone is given an infinite afterlife that can bend to their every will. Serling then goes on to point out a fundamental flaw with the concept, but I won't spoil it if you are one of the unfortunate few who has not before entered The Twilight Zone. Enjoy, fellow heathens.



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Comment by Gordon W Maples on February 5, 2011 at 8:07pm
I prefer the original Shatner version, but the Lithgow version from the movie wasn't bad.
Comment by AgeOfAtheists14 on February 5, 2011 at 1:42pm
Interesting. Remember the 80's version with that jet gremlin; whoa, swear I was scared to fly after that, being a kid and all... thnkx again!

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