Like Abby and Ann, my younger sisters are twins.

They are as different as corn is from beans. I mean radically different! To this day, 67 years later, they're still trying to out-do each other. And still sniping at one another. They live 2 miles apart, both divorced and living alone. I couldn't imagine them living together.

I am the listening board for their latest encounters--the go-between. It's not easy moderating in a fair manner.

Over their lifespans, they both have had many grand accomplishments, if, for no other reason, than to "one-up" the other. Competition brings out the best in some people.

Barbara is a more accomplished musician. She claims to be "professional", which, I suppose, is true enough in that she makes money at it (piano and organ mostly). She's also the theatre director at the library. I went to one of her productions last night--a "kid's show". Quite frankly, it was awful, but I didn't burst her bubble by telling her so. Some kids just can't act.

Anyway, I'm worried about her. She just had a mastectomy and will undergo chemo and radiation stasrting next week. I would hate to lose her since she's more than my sister. She's  my best friend. Shhh, don't tell her twin.

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