Typical Xian 'We're Being Persecuted' Mentality, Ancient Middle East Edition

I have a big interest in the ancient Near East, and wish now that I'd become an Assyriologist, instead of a  sailor. Anyway, tonight I was reading some ancient Persian history, and came upon a description of some of the first xians in the ancient Middle East. This was in Persia, circa 400 CE. This entry was written from a xian perspective: "The Persian bishop of Susa, who was given to impetuosity, destroyed one of the fire temples of the Zoroastrians. Complaint being made to the king, the bishop was ordered to restore the building and to make good all damage that had been done. When the bishop refused, Yazdegerd I threatened to destroy every church in his dominion. Such orders were issued and were carried out eagerly by the Zoroastrians inflamed with jealousy against the believers. Before long the destruction of the churches developed into a general persecution. Yazdegerd I died in 420, and his son, Bahram V, increased the afflictions of the church."

Can you believe this? The Persian xians destroy someone's house of worship, and so this incites the victims -- I mean, recipients of their xian love and generosity --  in turn to destroy *their* houses of worship, and this reaping of the fruits of their labor is described as being accomplished by "Zoroastrians inflamed with jealousy against the believers." Can you just feel the righteous indignation emanating from this writer, much like electromagnetic waves?

Can anyone else see the beginning of a worldview here?

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Comment by Joan Denoo on January 5, 2014 at 12:27am

"if xians are not allowed to persecute non-xians, then that constitutes persecution *of them.*"

I think that is the point I am trying to make. If xians are allowed to persecute non-xians, then the merry-go-round continues from ancient Persia, to who knows how far into the future. 

Xians should not be allowed to persecute non-xians and get away with it! They should be held accountable and responsible for their persecution, just as the Israeli should be held accountable and responsible for their persecution of the Palestinian. 

Comment by Bud the Wonderer on January 4, 2014 at 11:56pm

Joan: I appreciate the sentiment behind your words, but what I was trying to call attention to, was the xian worldview that if they're not allowed to persecute non-xians, then that constitutes persecution *of them.*

Comment by Joan Denoo on January 4, 2014 at 1:53am

Oh so familiar: someone kills a neighbor. The neighbor retaliates in greater proportion. Retaliation grows on both sides. Decades pass, the first offense is forgotten by the first offender, and remembered by the victim. Hate grows out of all proportion until the battles become habituated.

Shades of Hatfield and McCoys. In this case, Irish vs. English heritage, and West Virginia vs. Kentucky, compounded by Union vs. Confederate loyalties. 

"My heritage is better than yours. My politics are better than yours."

Never a thought of joining together in an effort to build stronger ties and communities so that each individual in the two families can grow and flourish. Instead, generations of murders threaten all of them. Everyone suffers. 

"Persia, circa 400 CE., ... Christians vs Zoroastrians". When will it end? What will it take to stop it? Who or what will provide the motivation and leadership to build a community intending to build together for better relations. 

Perhaps the only thing that will get their attention off of their feuds and onto productive action is the threat of global warming, or the approach of a huge comet, or approaching starvation. 

No! those things will not bring them together; they will fight for the few crumbs left on the planet. 

The way to peace is justice; blind, all inclusive and universal justice. When/if an individual can recognize the need for equal access to opportunity, and can desire the other also has equal access, then the old hatreds can fall away, and a new way of being in a relationship with oneself and others can grow. 



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