A lot has changed since I was here last at Atheistnexus.org. I finally moved out of the Bible Belt. There were a few atheists in central Illinois, but we were up against religious institutions so deeply entrenched in state and local government that putting forward progressive rational public policy is met with vicious, irrational hatred and bigotry. The state would rather have unquestioning loyal sheep that vote on name recognition alone than to have people who question authority and demand transparency. Besides that, Illinois is doomed financially anyway.

The state has the third highest number of bank failures in the country, a huge debt and deficit, pension fund obligations are through the roof, and the Illinois ranks fourth highest in the number of jobs displaced by consuming imports from China, according to the Economic Policy Institute. I regularly read news reports and re-post them with the tag #GladImGone. I also avoided the worst heatwave and drought Illinois suffered since the 1950s.

Over the last two years I worked as a security guard from 11PM to 7AM. This has kept me in bed during the day for at least twelve hours, because trying to sleep during the day when you have a night job is next to impossible. On my nights off there was nothing to do in a small town. What, hang out at one of the two Denny's? Unfortunately I got used to it. Now it's a habit I am finding very difficult to break. I need to get out and find things to do.

So, since I'm new in the Seattle Area I would like to know where the atheists hang out regularly, and I don't mean once a month at their meetups.

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