Hello my friends on Atheist Nexus, am updating you on the progress of the school project.

Normal lessons are being conducted and towards the middle of May, we received a volunteer at the school to orientate both our teachers and the students on computer skills. The program is already in progress and our students are so excited and fully committed towards attaining these skills.

The Godless Poutine based in Canada is running a one o one interview of both the School Director, The Volunteer ( Daniel Loving) and some members of the teaching staff about the school and the way they do their activities, also trying to inform the world about possibilities that can favour the school gain thorough international recognition and possible donations.

You can follow out the interview  between the US Volunteer currently at the school on the Godless Poutine Blog here http://mysecretatheistblog.blogspot.ca/2012/05/atheists-and-agnosti...   Attached is a photo of the children in the computer room with Daniel teaching a class.

More interviews between the School Project Director, Mr. Bwambale Robert can also be read on this same blog.

I encourage all of you guys to read these articles.

Yours in freethought,

Bwambale Robert, Uganda

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