Update to Losing a Friend to Religion

Well, it may be worse than just losing a friend to religion.  We may have lost her to drugs.  It all adds up now.  Why she would sell everything in her house that wasn't nailed down, why she has isolated herself from her friends and family, why she won't allow her family into her house after they flew from California to check on her, why she hasn't been at work and why she has blisters on her face.  I guess the annointed one blessed her with a drug habit.  It's not proven yet, but all the pieces fit.

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Comment by Daniel W on July 21, 2011 at 5:11pm
It's really sad.  It does sound like drugs and nothing to do with religion.  Except for the facial blisters, it could be a cult.  I suppose there are other explanations for the blisters - maybe she has a disease.  But that doesn't explain the family isolation.  Sad.


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