Upon looking up the word 'juggernaut' in apple dictionary app... "secular" mentioned! ha!kewl

Dictionary app v. 2.1.3/mac osx

juggernaut |ˈjəgərˌnôt|
a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force or institution : a juggernaut of secular and commercial culture.
ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: extension of Juggernaut .
Juggernaut |ˈjəgərˌnôt| Hinduism
the form of Krishna worshiped in Puri, Orissa, where in the annual festival his image is dragged through the streets on a heavy chariot; devotees are said formerly to have thrown themselves under its wheels. Also called Jagannatha .
ORIGIN via Hindi from Sanskrit Jagannātha ‘Lord of the world.’

AtheistNexusJuggernaut! fighting for freethought world-freekn'-wide!

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