There has been a continuing argument made by Christians that human morality is based solely on the Bible. We have heard the questions that Christians ask: “Where do you get your morality from?” “If there is no God, why don’t you just rape, murder and steal whenever you want?”  Christians believe that the only reason that we have societies is because of their God. They believe that it is due to the Ten Commandments that we have the laws that we follow. Of course Atheists find this reasoning ridiculous. No matter how many times that we present evidence confirming that morality has nothing to do with religion, Christians refuse to listen. I know, this is nothing new with Christians.

In my opinion the Bible proves that mankind uses reason and logic to define our morality. Modern Christians are our best evidence that we do not use the Bible as our basis of morality. It’s really quite simple. Ask a Christian when was the last time they killed and adulterer? When was the last time they killed a homosexual? You can use many examples from the Bible. When the Christian answers that they have never killed (hopefully!) an adulterer or homosexual, ask them “Why not? The Bible says you should.” Of course they will try to justify or make excuses using other Bible verses as to why they do not kill. Of course we know why they do not follow the many laws that their God commanded. Because they know it is wrong. It’s not because they are following the other contradicting commandments. Christians are using the same reason and logic as any non-religious person uses. The next time a Christian asks you that face palming question regarding morality, use the Bible as your guide.

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Comment by Donna Gratehouse on July 20, 2012 at 11:35pm

I don't care if religion did produce more moral behavior overall. So what? What does that have to do with whether or not it's true? Children might be more likely to behave better around Christmastime if they've been made to believe a white haired old man in a red suit at the North Pole is compiling a list of children's transgressions to determine how he will distribute goodies from his sleigh. But again, so what? Are there any rational adults who believe that Santa Claus actually exists? When theists trot out the morality canard the best response is to ask them if they care what they believe is true or not because all they're arguing is that their belief is good form of social control.

Comment by Alan Perlman on July 18, 2012 at 10:08am

Bible morality is mostly bogus.  It's like having a hot, sexy spouse and pretending you like him/her because of all the deep philosophical discussions you have. 

I read the entire Torah (1st 5 books, in translation) and found only 29 commandments that modern people could abide.  Most of them are Morality 101 ("Don't make a harlot of your daughter.")  Folks who get their morality from the Bible are happy to have it be so simple - the idea of figuring it out for themselves probably terrifies them.



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