Volkswagen’s, Reefer and Subjective Thought

I didn’t have a lot of friends when I was in High School, but the ones I had were good. I was, for all practical purposes, an only child. My brother was 12 years older than I was, and he died when I was only 10 years old.

I have always felt that being an only child for so long gave me an advantage, in that I didn’t have to deal with anyone my own age unless I wanted to. If I got tired of one of my friends company I just went home and entertained myself. The friends I had were friends because they had a value to me, not just because they lived next door, which they didn’t.

One such friend was John. He and I were friends because we were crazy trumpet players, a bond which in those days formed the basis of many of my friendships. I felt it was good to have something in common that was important to our lives, and Music was important to both of us.

John was a year older than I was which was also of value to me. He could drive. In fact he and another friend, (also a horn player) introduced me to one of my late teen obsessions, Grass, (weed, pot, marijuana, smoke, reefer, dope….).
We were out one night doing some smoke, I believe we were going to some softball fields to watch girls softball, (hey we were 18). John drove a Volkswagen bus, light blue with a white top. We were getting high, looking forward to another night of teasing ourselves with that which we cannot have, (women), but at least we were high.

That’s when we saw it.

Now at this point in my life, I must say, that I hadn’t given much thought to the proper ways of thinking, so I was more of less at the mercy of whatever stray influences my brain had, (no I’m not referring to the pot). I am talking about objective reasoning.

I saw it first, a light up in the sky, a cigar shape thing up there! I told John, he looked and, damn, he saw it too. There aren’t many things in life that take my mind off women in shorts and tight shirts playing sports that require running and sometimes jumping, but this sure did. We decided to follow it.

Now for those of you don’t who know, a Volkswagen bus is not the fastest vehicle in the world, sometimes it was a stretch to even call it a vehicle, but if you hold the accelerator down to the floor long enough it does move. So after doing a U-turn, we managed to coax enough speed to eventually give chase. The UFO was headed east, which was back towards the city. It managed to stay far enough ahead of us to make it really hard to see anything of detail on it, but at least we could see it. We were excited, you could tell because our language degraded. “Where the Fuck is it? Fuck I don’t know! What the goddamn hell is it doing? Fucking flying! Have you ever seen any fucking goddamn thing like that? Shit no!” This went on for about 15 minutes; I’ll spare you.

At Some point in the chase we thought it better to get on a highway that cut across its path, going north, even though it was still far to the east of that highway. The detour would likely put us even further behind, because we were now getting into the busier part of town, and had to exercise more caution while driving, this was no problem we just cursed more to relieve the tension.

The city lights were brighter here which made it more difficult to see the ‘aliens’. No problem, more cursing! We got off at the next exit which went east and after some miles bent a little north which was just about the same course the ‘alien spaceship’ was taking. We were catching it up! Something about ‘Alien star ships’ which is pretty much a given, is that they always go slow while your chasing them, but somehow just when you’ve got them where you can see them they shoot off into some angular pattern at the astonishing speed never to be seen again. I was determined NOT to have this happen to me, so I was visualizing my eyes as telescopes able to see every detail, every shape, any and all possible information.
We were now close enough to see the lights on the ‘star ship’ there were many, and they were changing.

“Must be some sort of fucking propulsion system using light technology!” I said.

The only training I had was the original Star Trek series, which rendered you entirely helpless while high on pot chasing UFO’s in a Volkswagen bus.

Then my reefer enhanced telescopic vision caught something that my mind was unwilling to accept, at least the part of my mind that thought chasing ‘alien star ships’ could (and should) turn out to be dangerous. So I looked again.

“Those lights aren’t a propulsion system John, they are trying to communicate with the peoples of Earth!” I said.
“Looks like some kind of lettering”.
“No fucking way”, said John.
“Yes” I said, “I think there are words on the fucking thing”
“Can you read them?” He asked.
I strained my telescopic eyes at the ‘alien star ship’ “yes! Yes! I believe I see something,” I said.
“Well What the fuck does it say?” said John in an excited voice.
All I could do was to sit back in my chair, and look blankly ahead let my brain stop spinning.

I muttered “how fucking stupid!”
Josh was going nuts, he wanted answers. After a couple seconds I turned to him and calmly said, “It says Goodyear, number one in tires ----fucking Goodyear”!

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Comment by DaVinci on February 10, 2010 at 5:42pm
@The Nerd- You gotta love the weeds.
Comment by DaVinci on February 10, 2010 at 7:35am
@Secular Sue - Thank you. It was a fun time, and a true story.
Comment by Secular Sue on February 10, 2010 at 3:44am
Well written, fun story. Sounds like me and my best friend, back in those days.



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