Waking up in an alternate reality

The realization that most of the people that populate this planet have an invisible friend can be very scary when you truly understand the full scope of it. It's effectively the same as waking up to find yourself still dreaming or maybe the word nightmare is more accurate. Either way this viral delusion can and does effect anyone. Conservatives, liberals, professionals, imbeciles, the poor, rich, sick, well, sane or insane all line up to testify about the warm, fuzzy feeling they get when they feel the presence of there invisible pal. As an outsider to this bizarre tradition I feel like I'm watching a sickness of thought spread through huge populations faster than the black plague ever could. Am I wrong to think the black plague to be an appropriate analogy since it's wicked darkness spreads just as quickly as a semi-rational mind will allow for? Bodily death vs the death of reason so well compartmentalized that the plague is practically undetectable at times and more typically surfaces in nearly none but a few key discussions of the origins of the cosmos, life and morality.

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a rendition of 'The invasion of the body snatchers' but instead the title reads 'The invasion of the logic and reason snatchers'? You could be having a fascinating discussion on U.S. foreign policy and the person you thought you were talking to then becomes this "pod-person" with a mystical, magical view in place of where a noble intellect used to be. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Am I the only one that gets freaked out from time to time when someone they know openly swears an allegiance to something that they've never personally known or experienced in any real way? We truly are an odd, superstitous, ritualistic race of primates.

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