Walmart.....America's sweat shops...


you mean China's.. oh schnap

Walmart is happening to India, before its arrival it has started bribing the Govt. officials and other illegal activities, which the Indian Govt says going to investigate.  It will destroy 50 million retailers livelihoods, expecting a big protest and opposition to it.  


quite a lame situation imho; what w/all the modern era has to offer.. 
but hey; they're the bransmart on steroids to the consumer(s)
all one can do is understand who and how for the most part; maybe push fair rule changes 
to the capitally intrinsic private vs. public/public working for private!?~

So is the secret to success in wally world just locations? infrastructure? direct line to gov subsidies?
or just keeping the workers' wages down and other obvious secrets~

no matter how you massage it it's bs media culture that drives the consumer to consume against his or her better judgement(s)~ I broke w/cheapest analog/digital converter box; they were 20bucks or less from gov. when the television became all digital signal. had to pay the waltons 52.oo rip off dollars pfffffft

funny they don't want taxes; nor gov; yet when the world stage private slave labor wage deals go south the veil is lifted you have these crisi$ situation#@$%....

lots of crying wolf; and modernity fatigue w/o any imagination or compassion~ read!

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