WALMART patronizes all religious groups regardless of their mission

RE: The WAL MART location on Hwy 77 Robstown, TX 78380


I refuse to shop at this store because they allow religious groups to stand out there collecting money, chasing people to their cars with fables of fire and brimstone & passing out ridiculous flyers!  This is NOT an occasional occurence this is EVERYday!  I wrote an email to the store manager.  He called me and said that he will limit this to once a month! A week later I went back to the store and the exact same blubbering proselytisers were out front screaming their horseshit and collecting money!  If I could afford an entire box of "Does God Get Diarrhea?" I would happily stand in this heat and promote reason and sanity!  I am in the fucktard belt, so no doubt, WalMart will boot me and someone will have to bail me out of jail! (if one of good christian sheep didn't slice my throat!)!  Reason, rationality, intellect, & sanity are NOT allowed in "these here parts!"  AND "iffins' I don't like eet I can move away!"  ALL I WANT IS CHEAP TOILET PAPER, SHAMPOO, and DEODORANT FORCHRISSAKES!

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Comment by Paula Michelle C. on June 20, 2011 at 8:43am

Yeah, murder is too easy on those godless heathens that need punished!  This is more like it.....



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