Are you in support of legal marijuana in the state of Washington.  It sounds like Washington D.C. will challenge the legitimacy of the new state law to legalize it.  Do you think the new state law will prevail or will the prudish religion of the right wing smash it?

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Comment by J. Morr on December 9, 2012 at 3:09am

I hope so. I'm in BC. and would like to go to my parents place in Birch Bay more often. I take it for nausea because of Crohns. Also for an appetite otherwise I'd starve. I plain forget to eat because I just do not get hungry without it. I just need to get a source down there then I'm happy. Your fed Gov will do their best to ruin it. It sure would be nice not getting harassed about it here.  I won't stop trying to get it legal till it's sold in every 7/11 along side the cig's. Or instead of them. Not this limbo the law is in that the cops can use it as a tool to harass people. Want to pay the debt. Grow hemp instead of using corn for bio fuels paper thread clothing...etc. Using corn for bio fuel is just increasing the price of corn making problems worse. Viva la doobie.

Comment by Bets on December 8, 2012 at 1:29pm

I am in favor and have no doubt that they'll try to smash it. Good news, though, is that it has been allowed. It is documented; therefore, the people will continue to push. It may take a little time but we're headed in a good direction. Now...the government handling the regulations and laws surrounding it correctly is another matter entirely.

Comment by LBGT Atheist/Secular Humanist on December 7, 2012 at 9:43pm
I'm all in favor. Although I do not imbibe, I support legalizing 'pot' for medical and recreational use. Pot is safer than alcohol, tobacco, prescription medicines and some OTC meds. It is not scientifically proven to be a gateway herb that will have its' users wanting to try dangerous drugs. It is proven to 'mellow' out individuals vs the anger and hostility efforts of alcohol, illegal drugs and prescription meds. It also is a pasttime often enjoyed at people's homes vs folks going to bars and dangerous places- thus it often keeps folks at home. I also feel legalizing it will allow United States businesses to grow and harvest, thus eliminating a cash income for South American drug cartels. The one downside I see is that 'addictive' personalities might tend to become dependent upon it to relax, so there could be a LOT of lighting up during the day too, ha. Otherwise... let's look to the VERY old, long-time pot smokers like Willie Nelson who are enjoying health, boosted creativity and calm peace.



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