It is funny to teach kids to watching darkness, seldom kids like dark colour, their bright eyes

are always chasing bright colours, teachers in kindergardens knows which colours they like

most.My little girl even dare not go to toilet in night if there is no lights in it.

I did not remember I have much memory of dark color in my life, in China, it is not lucky

colour, we try to avoid it everywhere, when we see a bird is dark, people even fly it away ,

it is sad dark could lead sth bad, some saying and doing are not scientifical actually.

When I first time went to Japan, I was shocked by so many dark colors in life, staff uniform

is dark, students uniform is dark, even skirts for ladies are dark, and dark necklace, dark

handbag,dark is pretty here, but strange thing,they did not like to keep dark hair, most

dying hairs with different color as brown etc.

Indeed, Japan is a very quietly  country, no matter where to go ,or to see or to meet, they like

speak lightly, and keep accodence together with mass. I can not imagine if they colored there

and there with so many brightly spots,how can keep accodence anyway?

Dark is the nature colour mostly, and dark is better for everyone if use it for mass.

In Japan, some toilet even colored in dark, seems so silently, keep provacy strictly. I can not

imagine if a pink toilet is facility for people in a football playground, what kinds of  feelings

would lead out ?


Crows are popular somewhere, sometime, I get used to their voice in dawn everyday and

exclaimed for their smart when I saw one crow threw River Snails from high sky, get them

crashed to eat inside, at that instant point, black color of its feather is so attactive and agile.

From when, from where,I began to enjoy black, I can not count it, but definitly, I like back

crows, it is like a Chinese saying--Love for a person, even extends to love the cowns on his

roof, or like English saying---Love me, love my dog.I love cown also love its black, is it a

good explaination?

If regarding darkness, such sentences shows not enough totally.

As we know, Japan has more than 50 nuclare stations,ecletrition power is really powerful

everywhere, elevator is runing even no body is there, air-conditioner make salary man

need put on a coat in office, and lights in shops are always as strongly as sun in midnight,

why we need so much lights I doubt, why we need so much power in life? I could choose

turn my lights dimly in night, save my machine is unnesseray, I can not change to sociaty

for going up to the next steps, POWER, always need more.

Last summer when i visit a city in  countryside, I am amazing that the city turn off all lights

of road lamp, when friend fetch me in night after train, he felt sorry for the darkness outside,

my big daughter went to visit that city first time, she could see nothing from the windows of

the car, she told , there are a lot of graves outside she guessed. In darkness, she did not

know what is it truly, but absolutly, not graves, it is an construction city with station of bullat

trains, beginning in development. I had good sleep in that city, no artificial lights strongly

disturb me, what a tight sleep I got.

I decided to  set up a home there, although my friend feel so sorry about its poor in GDP,

he could not  understand why I choose such place to settle down a home, for primitives, I

answered. How much primitives I could get in the modern sociaty and how long we could

go with the primitive in the future, no one knows, big daughter asked me why choose

countryside and give up big city, that is my choice, she never understand that I need put

on curtains and check on light leak day by day, and my long time of watching darkness as

my eyes need take rest this way, I admire life in nature, in darkness, they spend nights


If I have wings, sure I will fly to somewhere no lights in nights, hold the darkness in my

body as long as daylights coming...




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Comment by Richard K. Emms on February 23, 2012 at 7:01am

That was lovely!



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