Okay, so maybe you and I didn't personally go to Libya, pull an old, unarmed man into the street and shoot a hole through his head. But we clicked on the links to the videos, didn't we? Actually, I didn't. I refuse to celebrate and glorify killing, be it Gadhafi or Bin Ladin or anybody less notorious, whether I agree with their conduct or not.


Every generation these travails repeat themselves. When my mother was a child, it was Stalin and Mussolini dragged through the streets until they were stumps of bone and tattered flesh. It's like every once in a while, we concentrate all our negative feelings about life into a single persona and then kill it as viciously as possible. To abate our growing vengence for a time.


But evil men are not its wellspring, for vengence breeds and begets itself when killing is revenge for killing; when men who have harassed and killed the harmless are themselves harassed and killed once they have been rendered harmless.


I don't have the solution, but I can see that this is not it.

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Comment by Sassan K. on October 21, 2011 at 12:45am

Cry me a river. People like you with your moral relativism make me sick. While I feel that it would have been much better, more fitting, and civilized for Ghaddafi to have been brought to trial and face justice - he was no innocent man. You come off as sounding as if Ghaddafi was an innocent victim and did not pillage, rape, and murder thousands of Libyans in his 40+ years in power. At the end of the day, he was found in a ditch and faced the vengeance of his people.

To add: I think vengeance, especially blood vengeance is an evil thing and it only perpetuates the cycle of violence - but again, cry me a river with your moral relativistic crap. We should be proud that we have not assisted in the liberations of three nations in the last decade alone and I am confident and hope to see this soon followed by Syria and Iran. Assad surely is not going to have good nights of sleep in seeing Ghaddafi's fate and as an Iranian, I look forward to the day where my homeland will soon be free as well.



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