So this is the work of some higher being
I'm not at all impressed with what I'm seeing
A beautiful universe at distance
but explain to me it's existence
According to you, it's the work of some god
but this creation is nothing but fraud
A poorly plagiarized Van Gogh
at a price, if any, that's low
No love put in it, no matter
what the creator's claim
Excuses for his actions, lame
But you buy it all the same
Perhaps to look good
to all other's who don't know
That this is some horrible
marionette show
So many lonely
so many phony
People chasing love
through impossible odds
people worshiping unknowable gods
The whole world is lost
even those who religion they've found
An answer that leaves unending questions
As they continue wanting love
in their possession
Reaching their hearts across miles
in hopes for love
without a single audible word
from this fake alleged to be above
But so many make excuses for him
just as a woman does for the man
that she currently has
Not because he loves her
though she claims he does
But only, only because
she needs to be loved
Whether it is real
she has "faith" it is
even if she be atheist
For even we can succumb
to something so dumb
when in need of love
And here is this atheist
that is I
Who does love her
from so very far
As this scene tears my heart
Because we, I beLIEve,
are truly in love
But due to circumstances
these puppets do their dances
taking blind chances
All we want is to be together
and are unable to be so
So, we send our love across the land
as time drifts like desert sand
Where will it lead two non-believers
believing in love
without imaginary support
from a lie up above
We need not a god
just another human being
to give life meaning
For people are truly all people have

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