Welcome to the Age of Denial

As more and more ways of knowing become available, as more information easily comes through our computers, it is exciting to track down information to see if it is validated with evidence or repeated based on a belief.  Sorting through the overload of news outlets with unreliable sources can be tricky, and doable. 

When reliable, validated with data information becomes available and denied, we are not only failing in our responsibility to be an informed consumer of information, but misinformation moves faster through the pipeline.

"science is a way of behaving in the world. It is, simply put, a tradition. And as we know from history’s darkest moments, even the most enlightened traditions can be broken and lost. Perhaps that is the most important lesson all lifelong students of science must learn now." 

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Comment by tom sarbeck on August 25, 2014 at 1:40am

It does sometimes overwhelm.

In a writers group I once wanted to say fiction is for people who want to distance themselves from their realities, while non-fiction is for people who want to close in on their realities.

Getting economical with words, I upset some people with "Fiction is escapist; non-fiction isn't."

Comment by Michael Penn on August 23, 2014 at 8:26pm

We are in an age of denial. We are also in the informational age of the Internet. This forces many people to look at their beliefs again and they do not want to accept what they see. This is denial, but all of our problems are brought on by uncertainty. If we show you our might everyone will know how certain we are. The truth is, we do not know anything and this makes us very afraid.



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