Went Fishing: The Creatards are still biting!

Here is a somewhat cheeky reply to another Creatard.

This one, like another Jewish Creatard, had been attacking me on Prager University's  FB page, as I've been picking on their fallacious lessons that they think as educational.

But, they are merely continuing the old 'god of the gaps' out-dated nonsense.

As you can guess, this creatard is named Danny Strunk.

Here is Danny's last comment that tried to paint me as saying the gaps prove evolution, which shows that he is somewhat dyslexic. 

Danny Strunk:  "

Gaps prove evolution ,what pure unadulterated disingenuous male bovine excreta. That's as ridiculous as your god of ambiogenesis , a scientifically proven falsehood. By the way when science can create life without amino acids ,I will eat my hat."

So I decided to clear many things up, including attacks from a couple of others in the same thread. 

So in reply to his brain-dead taunt, I decided to cover a few topics in one response as another Christian who believes her hallucination of Jesus is proof of his existence.  Though I've already informed her that personal revelations are not evidence of anything, except maybe schizophrenia.

Moi: "Evolution has nothing to do with life from non-living matter.
That is a different field, called Abiogenesis, and evolution only starts from already living molecules.
Amino acids form on meteorites in deep space, they have found over 70 amino acids on metorites, and we only need 20 of those to form human life.
You also appear dyslexic.
As I didn't say that the gaps prove evolution, but there are places where no gaps exist that do.
The fish to mammals has no gaps.
The Birds to Dinosaurs has no gaps as well as bone structure and what little DNA is available and the ability to reverse engineer, give birds dinosaur traits (teeth and tails) by blocking DNA inhibitors is also strong evidence. We know this because bird embryos start of as dinosaur embryos with teeth and tails, which are blocked from reaching maturity.
Dinosaur to birds is not an example of adding new information it is more about blocking existing information, or a reduction in activated (expressed) DNA information, in fact, most birds still have all the information in their DNA of the velociraptors they evolved from, even T-Rex had bird hips/bones and laid eggs.
God of the gaps is fallacious, Argument From Strunk's stupid Ignorance!
What Danny Strunk is too farking stupid to realize is that even if Evolution was wrong, it still doesn't mean god exists There are always more plausible explanations other than god, which is not even an explanation.
Most of the world's Christians, Jews and Muslims are evolutionists.
They see no conflict between god and evolution, but most of them don't consider the ramifications of evolution fully, us critical thinkers do, but then again, no religious folk are rational critical thinkers, like us sceptics.
Studies show that cognitive dissonance in god believers destroys any rational critical thinking skills they may have possessed in the past.
We all have Rational Critical Thinking (RCT) skills, as we were born evidentialists (atheists).
Theists have had these RCT skills destroyed by indoctrination.
This is deliberate, as RCT is the arch enemy of Faith.
Though, if you ignore the discomfort of having your beliefs tortured (cognitive dissonance) and seek only validated knowledge, you can regain your RCT skills, and also become a rational sceptic.
It's only that evolution proves that 'Original Sin' is crap and that Jesus had no mission or purpose outside his moral preaching, which he plagiarized anyway, nothing Jesus said was new, and some of his statements were immoral..
Evolution has nothing to do with God.
Only with how we arrived on this planet alongside our ape cousins. Except the cognitive evolution of memes, gave us bigger brains.
Here, let our friends Matt Dillahunty and Tracie Harris explain to you why Danny is an IDIOT, just like that caller on "The Atheist Experience". with the exact same argument as Danny Strunk."

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Comment by Michael Penn on June 15, 2016 at 5:57pm

I'm repeating but some of this thinking reminds me of my Christian friend. We've known each other since age 12 and he insists on putting conspiracy theory together with his bible taught god belief. He tells me what's going on in the world all the time. He's like a man taking 2 jigsaw puzzles and trying to put them together as one. I'm sorry. It doesn't work that way. Nothing will fit.

If you read your scriptures that "god said it" things are still no more real than Spiderman.



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