Just reminding everyone of the incredible story we find in Exodus. Specifically, chapter 12 where we learn that anywhere from 2 to 2.5 MILLION people were wandering around Egypt for 40 years.

Wikipedia has a nice breakdown of the numbers.

Exodus 12:37 refers to 600,000 adult Hebrew men leaving Egypt with Moses, plus an unspecified but apparently large "mixed multitude" of non-Hebrews; Numbers 1:46 gives a more precise total of 603,550. If taken literally the total number involved, the 600,000 "fighting men" plus wives, children, the elderly, and the "mixed multitude," would have been two million or more,equivalent to something between half and almost the entire Egyptian population of around 3-6 million.

So, when you see photographs of the inauguration, look at the crowd and keep that multitude fixed in your mind. Going with estimates from 1.6- 1.9 million people attending, add to the crowd you see in the picture somewhere between 100,000 and 600,000 more people. Transplant them to a desert not far from the equator. Feed and water them and their livestock. Stitch up their wounds. Birth their children. Mend their clothes. Scoop their poop. Punish their wrong doers. Teach them holy scriptures all while being environmentally friendly. Friendly you ask? Here is more from the Wikipedia article:

The loss of such a huge proportion of the population would have caused havoc to the Egyptian economy, yet no such effect has been discovered. Archaeological research has found no evidence that the Sinai desert ever hosted, or could have hosted, millions of people, nor of a massive population increase in Canaan, estimated to have had a population of between 50,000 and 100,000, at the end of the march. The logistics involved also present problems: Eric Cline, points out that 2.5 million people marching ten abreast would form a line 150 miles long, without accounting for livestock.

What an amazing leader Moses must have been. I think Obama will be better. We'll all see together.

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