In about a month, the GSA hosts what they call "Ally Week" in order to bring attention and to help end anti-gay bullying in schools. This week has special significance to me. Before I transferred to my current school, I attended a Christian college.
I have always been a kind of outsider which has attracted me to other outsiders like me, and to my great surprise, among that fringe group were the college's homosexuals. The shock came from the fact that in the rules of the college do not allow homosexual behavior and they do punish the people they catch. In addition to that, I could myself never imagine staying on a campus for four years constantly hearing that who I am is evil, disgusting, and an abomination. I have a great amount of admiration for these people.
It is people like that, those who have to sit through yearly chapel's of a "reformed" gay's testimony or see the advertisement for a program on campus to help people who are struggling with their sexuality change. My brain nearly exploded, and I'm straight. These people mean the world to me and it angers me that anyone would try to tell them that they are evil.
Which brings me to my point. In order for us to advance in this world, we need the participation of every member of society. In a fully realized "christian nation" this is not possible, the furthest thing from it. Perhaps one day people will realize this, but for now, I will gladly stand up next to my gay friends, defending their right to be who they are.

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