How do they do it?  How do they ignore the obvious mis-characterization of my world view and still think they're so clever?  *facepalm*  (This is from Facebook.  The theists have had their names removed for their protection. :)   )

Kevin:  I have great odds with Catholicism but none the less this is very cool.

Roger: So do I Brother, But This was very cool to read and had to share.

Rob Kleppan Inaccurate.

Roger:  in your opinion.

Rob Kleppan It's a self serving piece of crap.... In my opinion.

Roger: lmao, I see you studies LIBERAL ARTS and are from New York. That explains your opinion. Merry Christmas Brother Rob. May The Lord Bless you and your Family This day. Peace.

Rob Kleppan And I thought it impossible to find someone more obnoxious than Kevin! . Then again you believe in a make believe, man in the sky. That explains your lack of touch with reality. Be well.

Roger:I ask you to do me one favor. (I know you don't have to or owe me anything) But you owe yourself this one opportunity, I ask that you pray to God for him to reveal himself to you if he is real or not. If you do this with all of your heart and mean it, You will get the answer for your self. Be Well and Blessed.

Rob Kleppan Please read your book and understand it before wishing anything on me or anyone else for that matter. I don't wish to be indoctrinated. And stop sharing material about world-views which you clearly know nothing about.

Roger:  I understand your afraid, Its ok. Don't waste your time here anymore. Sorry Kevin to take up space on your page with this. I will comment no more on this. Funny how the TRUTH hits home with some people and they feel a need to put their opinion out there without even considering the other persons opinion and then attack that person for something that didn't concern them to begin with. ha-ha. But that's how the atheist are, believe in nothing and attack those that do believe in something without being attacked for believing in nothing. Peace.

Rob Kleppan all you did was troll...

Kevin: Obnoxious? ? Did I get tagged with obnoxious? Well, it takes one to know one nanner, nanner, nanner!!! 8^) Just as a side note I can change some words around in any good idea and make it a bad one. No real accomplishment from twig. The great thing about it is everyone is given the choice. The gift is there regardless of belief. Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Rob Kleppan But if you don't get the first part right, what's the real significance? You're not learning anything and I can't have my friends running around sharing incomplete/incorrect information.

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Comment by Christine on January 17, 2014 at 9:08pm

Anthony and Dennis got it covered. What irritates me is how they liberally sprinkle every response with fake cheerfulness. "Look how nice I am, wishing you a Merry Christmas behind gritted teeth and hoping you cringe at the mention of the Lord and Savior's birthday like a vampire cringes at the sight of the cross."

"See how nice I am, blessing you despite the fact that you challenge my statements. What a horrible person you must be, to continue challenging me while I'm being so nice and kind."

They reek of insincerity.

Comment by Michael Penn on January 11, 2014 at 12:36pm

Anthony is correct. Why would I have to prove to you what I DO NOT believe in? The atheist has no burden of proof. The christian always fails to see this.

                                                             EXAMPLE ARGUEMENT

Christian: But you can't prove to me that there is no god.

Atheist: You are exactly correct. I simply said that there is no evidence.

It's always strange to me that the christian says it's the atheist doing the arguing, but the evidence is the other way around. They never understand why you cannot see something when they tell you "it's in the bible."

Comment by Anthony Jordan on January 11, 2014 at 12:10am

Start telling Christians to put up or shut up. The burden is theirs to substantiate their god claims. And tell them that their substantiation must be extraordinary. As Carl Sagan said: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence".

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