what i am going to do after i have this baby..:)

well...i have been chubby althrough my highschool years..and now that im pregnant...i am feeling that i really want to be thinner...and i have this exercising thing, that i havent used yet...and then i got pregnant, my boyfriend put it together for me...which was so sweet of him, so when i am done having this baby...i am going to do a ton of belly crunches, while listening to music...my goal is to get my stomach flat...i really dont care about my chubby legs...cause i think they are sexy...:) heheh...anyway...i want to please myself as well as my bf, anyway...uhh i need to get myself a boombox, with a bunch of cds that i really like. I have had a bunch of cds, but then i stayed at this girl's house and i left them there for about a couple of weeks, then came back and found out that they were being badly used, it sucks cause i loved those cds!! anyway...i love music, i love being motivated, i think i should get on and watch some workout videos...and stuff like that...MY GOAL: WORKING OUT :) with music, all of the time


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Comment by R. Ryan Nelson on July 16, 2010 at 10:27pm
Eat right, eat the least processed foods you can. your body will respond best to more natural eating.
Comment by World Walker on July 16, 2010 at 2:24pm
Good luck.



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