What I did with my weekend: photos from The Peak District.

For the bank Holiday weekend I assiduously ignored all matters pertaining to monarchy and departed Cambridge to return back to see my family and be in my 'spiritual home' of The Peak District and Derbyshire.

Have wanted to practice photographing long exposures of flowing water for ages - to get a feel for doing it right.

This has proven impossible in Cambridge; a flat-land where the water dies not flow - it ambles ... sedately, like an arthritic sloth on a Wednesday afternoon coming back from the pub.

So day one after getting back I headed out into the hills beyond Chesterfield with my camera and tripod to the town of Grindleford, The Longshaw Estate, to a little hewn-valley I know where the water does flow downhill and in spectacular fashion!


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Comment by Richard Healy on June 5, 2012 at 7:44pm
When I go on my holiday this september to the rocky shores of the south coast, the length of the days will be shortening so I should get some great sun-set/rise shots and the filters will help then for sure!
Comment by Richard Healy on June 5, 2012 at 7:43pm
I did not this time.

By the time I got to the gorge, it was noon but over-cast. I was getting the effect with fractions of a second in shutter-priority.

I do have a GND and plan to practice with it, when I go to the beach later this week.

I might then also shop around for some different strength ND filters so I can do some more long-exposure work during the day.

The GND (graduated filter) will work primarily on the beach when I have waves and a clear horizon to line it up with.

I think what you mean is for more general long exposures (like people moving across a busy street f'rinstance) then an ND filter will be neede - and I think you'll be right.
Comment by jay H on June 5, 2012 at 5:44pm

did you use a neutral density filter to lengthen exposures? I see that's becoming a popular technique but I have not tried it.

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