As a child, both my religion and my family supplied comfort and safety.  Only later did I find out that in place of that comfort and safety was freedom.  Everything was predetermined: what I hated, what school I went to, what friends I had.  Finally escaping from home, I've learned that people are what makes up this world and that religion fosters prejudice and preconceived notions that left me feeling very lonely as I tried to assimilate into a multicultural society.  I'm a firm believer that God did not create religion.  God did not create prejudice, sects, and stifling rules that limit one's growth.  This country has a double standard.  We were supposed to be an enlightened nation, not a Christian nation.  Pedofiles go to prison, they don't get switched to another parish.  If you have different opinions that your existing religion, just like the Mormons, set up your next religion.  I now believe Christian and all the Abrahamic religions were put in place to divide and control people, and not allow us to explore freedom.  Any by the way, the Abrahamic religions believe that God created Adam, and Eve was created by the use of Adam’s rib, and that God gave them 2 children, Adam and Eve.  If that’s true, where did all the other children come from?  There is only one choice in that formula, and its one I choose not to think about.

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Comment by Carl Pastor on September 28, 2011 at 12:53am
i believe that the first beings to be self concious wud have wondered about the sun and moon and where babys come from and death. when speech came we prolly talked to each other about these things, and a consensus wud arise, for the group.someone wud say, my grandfather, uga, was a great food gatherer, when he was here we always had food.  over time uga might become the god of food.
Comment by Cane Kostovski on September 28, 2011 at 12:07am
You blog makes me wonder if you still believe there is a God, but man is not able to ever know what God wants. I personally feel 99.9999% sure there is no God. In science, you can never be 100% certain of something, but you can come awfully close. That is the only reason I say what I say instead of saying 100%. Anyway, I have posted here in Atheist Nexus my opinion that religion was invented by smart leaders who were asked questions they didn't know the answer to, so they came up with different Gods that were the reasons for different things happening, and then religion evolved from there. The leaders realized that religion was a great tool to keep the masses in line, so they perfected it over the eons.



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