What if Atheism is what a creator god wants?

Here me out on an odd thought I had the other day.... What if God wants us to be atheists? What if the point of this life, and our apparent inability to prove a god exists or to remember our lives before we were born, is for us to learn how to live independantly; to exercise our own moral judgements; and to do all of it free from the influence that comes from knowing what God's morality is for sure or even knowing he exists at all?

Can you imagine the pain the theists will feel when the arrive on the "other side" only to find out that they are the ones who failed this grand cosmic test? I'll confess it brings a passing smile to my face.

Now this question is based on my own prior experience as a member of the Mormon (LDS) church and its teachings about us being "spirit children" of God and the point of this life being to learn and grow and develop spiritually under what can only be charitably described as "adverse circumstances". The fact that we are animals gifted with rational minds, and that we are presented with absolutely ZERO evidence for God or gods, or for our prior or post-mortal existence, and the presumption of a kind and loving creator all would lead me logically to conclude that any creator must not want us to know he exists.

Not wanting us to know has one of two possible reasons, assuming one accepts the premise there is a creator being... Either this being is intentionally trying to trick us (which is hardly a kind or loving thing to do, and sadly entirely in character for the God of the Bible and Koran) or this being wants us to assume he doesn't exists so he can judge us based on the decisions we make and how we came about making them. In other words, a God that gives no proof for his own existence is either fucking with us, or wants us to assume he doesn't exist so he can judge us without our behavior being influenced by this knowledge.

Or... God just doesn't exist and this is all just a bunch of bronze-age mythological nonsense. This is the conclusion I reach, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the aforementioned "what if".

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Comment by Dr. Ned Kelly on May 26, 2009 at 1:48pm
There might be a god, and there might not be. It's still a 50/50 crap shoot, as far as I can see. Wondering about which is true while not being able to know without taking a leap of faith, believing in ghosts, and regarding astrology as science, etc., is vexing. You will find out when you die. Till then, live a morally good life, and spend energy studying subjects for which you can actually prove the results of your findings.

Some people who claim to enjoy spending time on "what if" scenarios end up inventing their own private magical thinking method for this exercise which is different but comparable to religion. I am not including you in this group, just sharing an observation I have made.



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