What event, book, lecture, or insight 'made' you and atheist? HMM?


While he was sick with cancer my dad once cut my religious comments off by saying, "I don't believe in that stuff."   It was like a thunderclap at the very moment he said he didn't believe.  I no longer believed.  I had essentially been given permission to leave god.  I had flirted with it before but it was just too far a leap for me.  His moment of honesty gave me permission.  After watching my parents suffer from cancer several times I had no more doubts that there was no god.  I'd always been distressed, especially as a child, that god would let so many people suffer for no apparent reason.  Watching them suffer and watching everyone pray and work to make their last days better clinched it.  How could a loving god do this?  If god was so sadistic it wasn't worth worship even if it was real.  A lot of it is luck from cradle to grave.  No one is looking at you from heaven.  I could finally have some privacy. 


Before he died he went back to his childhood beliefs and I feel they gave him comfort and strength.  I do not look down on him for this. He gave me the gift of freedom first.  Thanks Dad!

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Comment by Seabass on January 3, 2011 at 8:36am

I have always had a strong agnostic streak if you will, but also have had numerous "coincidences" that i used as "proof" to shore up an otherwise shaky belief system i maintained.

Then I met a guy whom is an open atheist.....  His statement that I would love to believe in god but I cant make myself believe in what I feel is not true.  His feeling is it would be much easier to be a theist in our backwoods community, but this would be a lie for him to do so.

He doesn't soapbox his non theism, but he doesn't hide it either. It is just kind of matter of fact about him like the color of ones eyes....

This at first scared me.  I thought, you mean its ok to not believe?  I had always been told it is ok to be agnostic but atheist was kind of like devil worship....

Once I got over the initial fear, i started to learn. Education has been the backbone of my life so set myself to learn. I watched tapes(the atheism tapes by johnathan miller), read books (Richard Dawkins), listened to youtube videos(Dan Dennett) etc and finally said.....

OH my GOD........... I am an atheist, not agnostic by a dyed in the wool NONBELIEVER>>>>



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