It’s a lot like being the only sober person in a car full of drunk people,    

and they refuse to pull over and let you drive.

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The interesting thing is, I seldom go through my day thinking of religion or gods or anything supernatural.  Dream reading, ghosts, tarot cards, talking to the dead, afterlives, prelives, for that matter, runes, angels, daemons, dream interpretation, Phrenology, palmistry, alchemy, Big Foot, Astrology, Crystals, crop circles, UFO abductions, Deja Vu,  faith healing, telekinesis, faith healings, reincarnation, palm reading, vampires, horoscopes, and the like. 

I'll just be moving through the day, rationally.  

Suddenly someone will say something about an angel thing or a prayer thing and I'm immediately like   


Oh yeah, people out there actually believe this stuff and it is meaningful for them...


Here is an example:  I was at Walgreen's earlier today, walking along, waiting on a prescription, doing what they WANT me to for junk.  Suddenly I saw a DVD meant for TODDLERS explaining the beauty of God's creation...  I literally nearly tripped!

All I could think was:  ACK!!!

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Comment by Athan Bloom on September 20, 2011 at 11:31am
Look at it this way... No matter what religion you chose or baptized your children you are damned by another! Watch out for Shiva!



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